Smartphone cameras can help detect eye cancer in kids: Report

Smartphone cameras can help detect eye cancer in kids: Report

Smartphone cameras can help detect eye cancer in kids: Report

Smartphones are making our lives easy in myriad ways. These small machines have made our lives so much easy that it seems unbelievable how we lived without these gadgets in the past.

We used our smartphones in hundreds of ways, to access internet, to check our emails, to take pictures –cameras have become redundant, as remote for our television, airconditiotioners and in many other ways.

But apparently that was not enough. Now the handset will be used to even detect cancer.

Yes, that is true. The camera on your smartphone can detect a type of eye cancer found in children under the age of five, according to experts in the UK. The flash from a smartphone camera can easily spot retinoblastoma (Rb), a type of cancer where tumours develop in the eyes of young children, the Childhood Eye Cancer Trust (CHECT), which works in the field of childhood cancer, said.iphone 6 bends when put in pocket

There is no denying the fact that the cancer can destroy the vision of young children and threaten their life, although symptoms of it are very subtle. When a tumour grows inside a child’s eye, it can reflect back as a white pupil in flash photos and if spotted early, it could save a child’s life, the Huffington Post reported. According to CHECT, the smartphone technology has already helped save the life of a four-month-old girl Arwen in the UK who was suffering from the cancer.

The cancer can play havoc with our lives. Last year, Arwen’s mother Eilise Somers noticed that her daughter’s eyes appeared white when she took a photo of her with a smartphone. Arwen was referred to a specialist, who confirmed she had Rb. “At this stage we found ourselves making the heart-breaking decision to have the affected eye removed,” Somers was quoted as saying. Since the operation to remove her eye, Arwen has made full recovery and has just celebrated her first birthday.

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