Sirmour youth congress burn effigy of Himachal CM


    Nahan: Despite the high security the Sirmour Youth congress burnt an effigy of the Prof. Prem Kumar Dhumal Chief Minister Himachal outside the congress Bhawan this afternoon. The police have arrested youth congress activists including newly appointed district youth congress president Jaideep Sharma after burring the effigy of the Dhumal. The youth congress activists also hold a demonstration against the state government.

    As per the information more than two dozen cops were deployed to stop the activists of the youth congress to burn the effigy of the chief Minister, even additional superintendent of police Gurmeet Singh was monitoring the deployment of the cop’s personally. The district youth congress had given a call to protest against the state government over the callous attitude of recent CD episode in the state. Mr. Jaideep Sharma has been appointed the district youth congress few days back replacing Arun Mehata. Interestingly about one dozen cops were sitting near the congress Bhawan when the youth congress activists burn the effigy of the chief minister. Interestingly the cops on duty did not spent minutes in diffusing the burning effigy of the chief Minister Prof Prem Kumar Dhumal. District youth congress president Jaideep Sharma said that the youth congress activists want to spread the message that present BJP government is responsible for corruption and anti poor policies. He also blamed that state government was giving the patronization to Member of Parliament Virender Kashyap. ASP Gurmeet Singh said that the security was beefed up for maintaining the law and order situation and also said that there was information of clash between the two groups of the youth congress. He also confirmed that case against more than 25 youth congress activist has lodged.