Sheriff Joe Arpaio who claims Obama Birth Certificate Fake has some support


    It may feel ironic, but Sheriff Joe Arpaio who claims Obama Birth Certificate as Fake has some support among masses in the US

    There is a new controversy about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has decided to check afresh President Obama’s birth certificate and its authenticity. Prior to this year’s presidential elections, this is another opportunity of sorts for him to grab media attention and get praise from conservative and anti-Obama lobby in Republicans.

    Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio two days ago decided to once again check the authenticity of President Obama’s birth certificate. The Sheriff made the announcement during a press conference in which he claimed that there were reasons to believe that some sort of forgery may be involved in Obama’s birth certificate.

    Apparently there are many people around who would like to see this issue snowball into a major issue prior to the election and put pressure on the President. But they are not going to succeed as it was already milked to the fullest in the last Presidential election by McCain and Co. now it has lost its relevance and more so when Obama is actually being credited for the economic turnaround in the last couple of years.

    But for some this may still be an issue. One such person says, “This has been adequately debated, however, and the issue now is how to avoid the brain damaged Biden as President. Since Obama was fraudulently and illegally elected, he was never legally President. Therefore, he does not deserve the legal procedure of impeachment. Instead, he should be forced to cooperate with a congressional investigation, charged, indicted, found guilty, and JAILED like any other American. If it is discovered that he is not an American citizen, he should be deported to his country of origin, to probably be executed or at least never to be heard from again”.

    One more person has this to say, “The trouble, though, is that if anybody sees it they will know that Obama is not eligible to be president. Because the birth certificate was amended in 2006 (as confirmed by official Hawaii Department of Health communications) – most probably (given the communications from the DOH) to include medical information not available in 1961 because Ann and Barack were not in Hawaii within 30 days after the birth to have a Hawaii doctor complete the birth certificate. The birth certificate was completed in 2006 with the amendment, and Obama’s birth certificate almost certainly begins with the numbers 151-2006-xxxxxx. Any genuine birth certificate from Hawaii has to note the amendments made to it, and that includes the abbreviated birth certificates (COLB). That’s why Obama posted a forgery rather than a GENUINE COLB on Factcheck even though he has a genuine COLB. The genuine COLB contains two items he doesn’t want anyone to see: the note of the amendment and the 2006 certificate number”.


    1. Why are you giving these low IQ birthers a platform to voice their hateful stupidity? Seriously? They are full of it.

    2. I think the fact that so many people are finding that the birth certificate is a fake proves that they are not “low IQ birthers.” The constitution clearly states that one must be a natural born U.S. citizen to be president. If Obama is a natural born U.S. citizen, it should be no problem to provide real evidence which would give people no cause for controversy, at least in this area. With so many people claiming to be able to prove that his birth certificate is fake, it would mean that he is illegally president. If it’s real, then Obama is president and that’s all there is to it and they just need to accept that fact.

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