BY | June 14, 2013

This is certainly a huge success. Shenzhou 10 manned spaceflight lands in China space station Tiangong 1 and three Chinese Astronauts Dock to Nation’s Space Station

China’s recently launched manned space capsule, with three astronauts abroad, has successfully docked with the orbiting space station on Thursday.

In the mission that is aimed to provide information for education, the home for three astronauts for next 15 days, the Shenzhou-10′s was guided with the help of the automated controls to dock with the space lab. After entering the space lab, the crew exchanged their space gear for blue jumpsuits, it was learnt.

According to the news report, during their stay at the lab up in the space, the astronauts, comprising of two males and one female astronaut will be undertaking a manual docking exercise to conduct scientific experiments. Also the three member team would deliver a series of science lectures that is being considered to be a part of an outreach to increase the space program’s popularity among youth of china.

The lab called the Tiangong-1, is an experimental space station which would be operational only for two years following which it wodl be replaced by a larger and much more durable module by 2020.

With  multibillion-dollar space program Shenzhou-10, which means “Divine Vessel,” Beijing sees it as a tool towards its rising global stature and mounting technical expertise, as well as the ruling Communist Party’s success in turning around the fortunes of the once poverty-stricken nation. China first sent a human into space only in 2003 and its capabilities still lag behind the US

It is being strongly believed that China, which is already one of just three nations to have launched manned spacecraft on its own, is hoping to join the United States and Russia as the only countries to send independently maintained space stations into orbit.

The craft carried two men, mission commander Nie Haisheng and Zhang Xiaoguang, and China’s second female astronaut, Wang Yaping. Prior to the launch, the Chinese President Xi Jinping was shown live on television wishing them well at the launch centre. Addressing the team, the President said: ‘You have made Chinese people feel proud of ourselves. You have trained and prepared yourselves carefully and thoroughly, so I am confident in your completing the mission successfully. I  wish you success and look forward to your triumphant return.”

Following the footsteps of NASA that has used student outreach to inspire interest in space exploration and sustain support for its budgets, the concept of having space classrooms has been considered as a big step bring the military-backed program into the lives of ordinary Chinese.


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