BY | March 12, 2013

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif seems to be the latest victim of Shah Rukh Khan vs Salman Khan tussle. Sallu bhai is not happy for her continued association with SRK

Shah Rukh Khan is not very happy with the media. Despite getting the best out of media every time he desires and despite constantly hogging limelight for one reason or the other the badshah of India’s filmdom has said that he gets misquoted many times by media. He says that this has caused so much distress in him that he fears while every-time media approaches him for knowing his views on myriad of issues. But most people are amazed by what he says. He always remains in the limelight even without reason and no other Bollywood actor, be it Salman Khan, Aamir Khan, Hritik Roshan, Akshay Kumar or even Amitabh Bachchan, get the sort of prominent space that Shah Rukh Khan always gets.

Even when his films flop, he still doesn’t get hammered like other actors whose films flop or don’t do well at the box office. Shah Rukh Khan has always his own ways in getting favorable previews before the launch of the film and innumerable reviews always giving his films either ten out of ten or at least 8 out of ten.

Meanwhile there have been reports that Katrina Kaif has refused a kissing scene with Hritik Roshan due to Salman Khan’s apprehensions. Salman was not happy with her similar scenes opposite Shah Rukh Khan and she doesn’t want to antagonize him. DNA quoted a source as saying, “Salman would not have cared about her kissing scenes with SRK in JTHJ but the fact that she went to great lengths to keep it hidden from him, pissed him off. She ensured that even the common business manager did not find out about the smooches, in case it was communicated back to Salman…Not surprisingly Salman was irritated with this ‘deception’ and hasn’t spoken to her since. Even though she has tried to give explanations.”

Earlier Salman was not happy when Katrina signed up films opposite Shah Rukh Khan, his number one opponent in the Indian film industry

In the meantime this year, both the Khan’s may fight it out on Eid. Shah Rukh is planning to release his next film on Eid eve while Salman is also expected to do the same as he has been doing it for the past so many years. Salman Khan has always tried to time his film’s launches close to Eid ul Fitr. This year may not be an exception. But this year his nemesis Shah Rukh Khan too is planning to release his forthcoming film around the same time.  For the past few years, our Dabangg Khan depends upon Eid for releasing his movies and mind you that they turn out to be hits. But this Eid on August 8 is all set to have a tough time deciding on whom to favour, the King Khan of Bollywood or our very own Sallu mia who is being favoured by Eid for some time now. The stage is set and all eyes are on both the Khans who plan to clash on August 8 through their releases. Reports have stated that the release of Chennai Express is all scheduled to happen on Eid. A meeting at Wai was organized to discuss this and SRK has given his nod for EID being the prefect occasion for his movie to hit the silver screen. SRK has been at Wai for some weeks now and he arranged a meeting where he called the stakeholders, comprising distributors, members of the production house, Rohit Shetty, Farah Khan, and music directors Vishal-Shekhar. It was here that he made the news public that Chennai Express will go public on Eid.

It is apparent that youth love to see Sallu bhai’s movies during Eid holidays. There are reasons to believe that Shah Rukh Khan thinks that when Eid can bring hits for Salman, it can also bring out his fans in droves for his films too. The words he stated for the movie release were, “Get ready for Eid”. So it seems that the two biggies enmity is set to continue for a very long time to come. No one is ready to take first step to end it and may be both love to get some more headlines for this very reason.


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