Seven brilliant smartphones for music fans


    Gone are the days when we wanted MP3 players or walkmans to listen to music. Today, we have smartphones for everything. With the help of various music apps, we can use our smartphones as music players also. Almost all new smartphones come with better music and multimedia features today. However, some of them are highly compatible for music listening thanks to their hardware perfection and other features. Here we list seven brilliant smartphones that will attract music fans.

    Sony Ericsson Mix Walkman
    There is no need to describe what a wonderful music phone the Sony Ericsson’s Mix Walkman will be. The company has a tradition of launching a number of high quality music phones. The Mix Walkman is one of them, which runs on an 800MHz processor and has a 32GB expandable memory option. In fact, the Mix Walkman is a budget phone with better sound quality and music features. It is yet another smartphone for decent music experience on market today.

    Apple iPhone 4S
    It is of no surprise that iPhone 4S comes first in the list. The latest version of Apple’s flagship smartphone is certainly a great pick for music admirers. The iPhone 4S is a great music phone with up to 64GB of internal storage, brilliant audio quality and wireless iTunes synching. Moreover, you have iTunes to stream thousands of audio tracks. The iPhone 4S runs on a 1GHz Apple A5 Processor and it has three internal memory options; 16GB, 32GB and 64GB.

    Samsung Galaxy S II
    With no doubt, we can say that the Galaxy S II is a musical powerhouse. The device is up with high-end playback capabilities. With 1.2GHz dual core processor and better built-in storage options, Galaxy S II is one of the best picks for music fans. The device offers virtual 5.1 surround sound to help you improve the audio quality of the tracks. Samsung is to upgrade the Galaxy S II with a new version this year.

    Nokia Lumia 800
    The Lumia 800 is Nokia’s first smartphone with Windows Phone. As it is up with the latest WP7.5 Mango, the Lumia phone is a joy to use for music. In addition, it comes bundled with Nokia’s sub-par headphones, which will be the first reason to prompt you to buy the phone. The Nokia phone is a great device to help you find new music always from lots genres. The Lumia 800 is powered by a 1.4GHz MSM8255 Snapdragon processor and 16GB of internal memory with microSD card up to 32GB. U.S. customers have received a Lumia 900, a high-end version of the 800.

    HTC Sensation XL
    The Sensation XL is a music friendly version of HTC’s famous Sensation 4G. The device, which is known as HTC Rezound in the U.S., features Beats Audio headphones and software tweaks as the major highlights. It is a large screened and cutely designed music phone, which the Taiwanese tech maker specially built for music fans. Though running on a 1.5GHz processor, the Sensation XL lacks microSD slot for external memory. It has only 16GB of internal memory, however.

    Motorola Droid RAZR
    Droid RAZR is one of the recent smartphones from Motorola. One of finest things with the RAZR is its decent media playback capability. The Motorola phone offers a music player doubled with high quality video-playback. It is actually a great PMP solution and music fans will love it. You have can access to internet radio and DNLA streaming from one menu. The device also has a great music browsing interface and you can use RAZR as a brilliant music phone if you have quality headsets. A 1.2GHz processor and 16GB of internal storage with 32GB microSD slot make the RAZR perform neatly.

    BlackBerry Curve 9360
    RIM’s BlackBerry phones are always known for their on-the-go e-mail-centric features. The company has some media-friendly smartphones also. The Curve 9360 is one, which features microSD slot for 32GB external memory and straight access to the Amazon MP3 store. Moreover, you can access to various music sources like YouTube and TuneIn Radio stations easily. The Curve 9360 also features RIM’s recently announced BB music service. Overall, it is one of best BlackBerry phones you can get for better music features.