Serena Williams beats Venus Williams: US Open 2015 results, post match comments and highlights

Serena Williams beats Venus Williams: US Open 2015 results, post match comments and highlights

Serena Williams beats Venus Williams: US Open 2015 results, post match comments and highlights

It is curtains on Venus Williams ambitions here in US Open 2015

“It’s a really great moment,” Serena says during an on-court interview with ESPN’s Mary Joe Fernandez. “She’s the toughest opponent I’ve ever played in my life and the best person I know. It’s going against your best friend and at the same time going against the greatest competitior in women’s tennis.”

She goes on to adf, “When I’m playing her I don’t think of her as my sister. When you’re in the moment you don’t really think about it. We trained all our lives to play on this court and on this stage in front of you guys. It’s a great honor.”

“Holding serve in the third set is all I could do. She came out hitting so hard. I was on defense a lot because she has so much power. It wasn’t really easy today at all.”

“This is a big moment for both Venus and I. We both had a chance to be in the semi-finals. It’s a grand slam. We’re very competitive. We’re just trying to give each other a great match.”

Many people were beginning to forget Venus Williams, a seven Grand Slam winner and the sister of reigning champion Serena Williams. Thought she still competed in major tennis tournaments, but didn’t make a mark and rarely reached beyond early stages.

This is the reason that people were beginning to ignore her. And there was no reason to mention her, as her younger sister was taking over the world of tennis. She has already won all the three Grand Slams played thus far this year. The most amazing aspect of her wins is the fact that she didn’t really encounter any tough challenge from her opponents and cruised to victories in all the three Grand Slams without any problem at all.

But now she is preparing to face the biggest challenge of the year as she is all set to face her older sister in the crucial quarterfinals of the US Open tennis 2015.

Serena Williams Wimbledon 2015This is the fourth Grand Slam of the year and if Serena Williams wins this tournament she will have the distinction of winning all the four Grand Slams of the year. This will be the first time after 1988 when Steffi Graf managed the feat. But as she was almost sure of doing it, her sister who has cruised to the quarter final without any issue at all has thrown the biggest challenge before her.

Venus has made her intention very clear. She has said that she has come here with a perfect plan to win the tournament. Venus, in the meantime has made her intentions very clear. “Obviously getting to a Grand Slam semifinal is the next step toward the final. Pretty clear what’s up for grabs here…I think people love to see history being made…No one is out to be a spoiler, but at the same time, you’re focused on winning your match even though the circumstances are really much different than you…You still have to prepare, still have to play well…Even though you’re playing your sister you have to be prepared and focus. The preparation doesn’t change.”

Date: Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Time: 7 p.m. ET

TV Channel: ESPN

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