Patreon hacking latest update: credit card info spared

Patreon hacking latest update: credit card info spared

Patreon hacking latest update: credit card info spared

This is going to be a huge disappointment for many people who use the funding website Patreon. Latest reports suggest that the funding website has not just been attacked by a well-known hacking group, the hackers went as far as to even publish many sensitive details about the website.

The website will find it hard to come out of the crisis as the hackers have gone on to publish as much as 15 gigabyte of very sensitive info about the website.

If latest reports are to be believed the data actually include very important information about the site including its source code, password data besides donation records acquired through the attack.breaking news nvonews

This means that not just the website, but donors who have donated to different causes through the website have also become a sitting duck. Most of the information is saved on website and it will be pretty tough for not just this site, but others too to ward off similar attempts in future.

If this was not enough, the data with large number of information has also been posted in a number of online locations. The founder of Patreon, is working currently with Twitter to get a number of accounts suspended which have been linked with the information that was stolen according to Jack Conte, the founder of Patreon.

In the meantime reports suggest that Patreon guys have asked all the users of the website to immediately change their passwords to ensure they aren’t using this new password for logging onto any other accounts. Security experts also confirmed that apart from login information, hackers even accessed private messages of Patreon users. Luckily, they don’t store any credit card information.

On the other hand, hacking into the funding website was not that easy. Reports suggest that the website actually uses bcrypt to protect user passwords cryptographically. It is said that this forced the hackers to work harder on hacking it than they spend on breaking into other websites. Nonetheless the hackers were able to locate programming mistakes once the source code was included. If this was the case then the process gets accelerated quite significantly.

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