BY | December 25, 2011

Norad Santa tracker is in focus again in the year 2011. Google Earth seems to have brought tech in the matter of faith as well

It is the time of the year when festivity seems to be all around. And besides ordinary sources of inspiration and happiness, many other things add to festivity this festival season.

And one important thing of these is Norad Santa tracker that allows kids and oldies to keep track of Santa during Christmas season. Santa tracker keeps ‘track’ of Santa in its worldwide journey and tells kids as to whether Santa has crossed into the US or not or either it is above Vatican, Taj Mahal or above the Great Wall in China.

Now technology too seems to be playing a big role in tracking of Santa Claus. Technology is playing a great role in tracking Santa and helping the faithful in matters of faith as well. There are many innovations in tracking Santa and Google Earth has played a big role in it.

Innovation seems to be creeping in Santa location as well. Google Earth has brought a much needed fresh thought into Santa tracking. Every year since Google Earth was launched, Google has provided a way to track Santa as he makes his deliveries around the world. This year is no different, and Google will once again provide tracking based on the data provided from Norad which has been tracking Santa since 1955.

The best thing about Google Norad Santa tracking is that it starts as the Christmas frenzy begins.

But that is not the only way to keep track of Santa’s journey. There are easy ways that kids and not so young people can keep track of Santa. You can track Santa by logging into site to see the countdown or download a gadget to keep the countdown handy. On Christmas Eve day, you’ll be able to follow Santa with Google Earth (or Google Maps), so make sure to check on that day.


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