BY | July 14, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S3 US release was marred by several glitches. But thankfully software update has finally fixed the bugs

Samsung’s brand new Galaxy S III is the talk of town. Just unveiled in many key markets, the gadget has grabbed enormous attention. All key carriers in the US have presented the flagship Android handset with great fanfare. But, unfortunately the much-talked about handset has some critical bugs and issues. Along with the international version, some U.S variants of S 3 also have the problems, reports indicate. Carriers and Samsung have made timely efforts to solve the glitches with software updates. It looks like that most of such issues are almost solved at least on a temporary basis. Here we talk about major issues the Galaxy S III faced.

Battery drain: Battery drain is an issue that mainly affected the global versions of S3. The U.S. variants have not been reported with the compliant. Anyway, battery drain is now a common problem with most top-notch Android handsets. As per users, the Galaxy S III consumes 50 to 70 percent more power than the real use. Samsung instantly fixed the glitch with a software update. As per some sources, the Galaxy S3′s U.S versions also had the problem when connected to 4G LTE, though.

Wi-Fi issue: Wi-Fi connectivity of some models of the handset is also reported to have a glitch. Users found it irritating to connect the Galaxy S III to internet through Wi-Fi in cafes and homes. Samsung seems to have solved the issue with a software update.

Charging glitch: Besides the battery drain issue, some users have complained of a battery charging problem as well with the S III. The handset gets stuck on a certain point of battery filling and it doesn’t respond to any commands on that stage. Users will have to remove the battery and to attach it again for functioning of the handset. It is not a permanent solution, however. Maybe, a software update will also recover the Galaxy S III from the trouble, analyst think.

Microphone glitch: Microphone of the device also has some glitch. Customers have complained that the volume levels are lower on the receiving end and the call is often blurred due to the malfunction. It is indeed pretty unfair that calls won’t work smooth on the handset. Analysts have suggested users to restore their handsets to solve the problem. Default factory setting is found as fixing the issue.

So thinner and it may break the handset in jean pocket: Amazingly, it is a really unfair complaint highlighted by some consumers against the handset. Samsung has designed the phone with a much-needed thin and lightweight body. But, this hyped-up feature is turning out to be a negative mark for some. Some users have complained the handset may break as they fit it into their tight jeans’ pockets. But, having a strong body, there is virtually no chance for tearing, say analysts. The handset can really manage the tightness of jean pockets.

Unlock pin: Sprint’s Red Variant of the handset allegedly has an issue of prematurely asking for an unlock pin. Sprint has fixed the problem with a security update, which also eliminates Google’s unified search function that is under contention with Apple.

The S III has really gone viral among Android phone lovers across the world. People show increased craze towards the handset that features a large 4.8-inch display, Samsung’s Exynos quad core processor and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Of course, the above noted issues are small and they may never affect the sales of the handset; because customers have better trust in Samsung and Android. Of course, the S III will be remembered as one of the most feature-rich Android handsets ever.


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  • Tina

    I just purchased my Galaxy S3 in marble white. I am returning it today as I have some serious problems with dropped phone calls…great signal, not running any other programs on the phone, no bluetooth use, and staying in one place and I have dropped calls 85% of the time. Not sure if this is a glitch with this phone in particular, an issue with advanced task kill manager on the phone. I also have complaints of the party on the other line being unable to hear or having a terrible audio transfer in regular use mode. I like the phone enough to exchange it for another one, but if the prob returns I will be an iphone owner.

  • Roger

    I am a UK business user and a friend bought the notepad and highly recommended the Samsung brand. As the Galxy 3S was due for release and I thought just that little bit more managable in terms of size I purchase one. From the ouset the phone worked well and I started to customise by adding my business and personal emails and contacts and then connested to the KIES system to back up my device. This is were things started to go wrong. KIES stated that new Firmware was available and that I should update and the update was successful. However, since this date my personal emails will not load and I have had terrible problems convincing Samsung there is aproblem. They have told it is my internet service provider or network service provider, when clearly it can be seen that the emails ceased to download from the time the new Firmware was loaded. I have now had to at my own cost take the phone to as Samsung dealership who reloaded the software only to achieve the same result.
    On reporting this back to samsung they stated that they would now upgrade my complaint but are unable to inform me when the proble will be fixed.
    I believe that for a phone costing £550 and which is only 4 weeks old this is deplorable customer service.

  • Jared

    When did this update roll out? I received my phone on the 10th and have not been notified of any available software update. I just did a manual check and still nothing. I have the white 16GB version and my wife has the blue. I’ve noticed her wifi signal is stronger and am hoping that this update will fix my wifi signal strength.

  • Jeff

    I just got the SGS3 Friday and like the first poster it drops calls like mad, and is unusable to send or receive calls. It can be anywhere also. Ditto on the audio transfer. I am on US Cellular, so it looks like it is not carrier specific. I am sick.

  • yip soon chee

    I have a problem of adding words into the predictive text.
    How can I do this . I read that I can add it to my word list (click on predictive text icon ) The problem is , all words added will be erased when I switch off the phone . Please help

  • Steve

    My GS3 runs flawlessly on Verizon. I guess you get what you pay for. For the predictive text may I suggest swype keyboard. search it on google from your phone sign up for the beta and use it. its the best keyboard out there and makes things so much easier. Ive used it for over a year now.

  • Jordan

    I got the S3 on Verizon on the 12th and have had about 30% of my calls dropped. I am hoping I just got a defective phone or Sim card. Love everything about the phone other than… the phone calls. I simply cannot have a phone at work where I am constantly dropping calls with customers.

  • Jeff

    Fixed my problem. Took it back and traded it on another brand.

  • mobilebyrd

    The S3 is a turd. My wife and I both preordered them through Verizon in the US. In 1 week we have both facTory reset our phones and when that did’t fix the issue we were given new phones…which have the same issues. We r going to swap them for razr maxxs. Our calls drop, internet drops, svoice is all hype, retina detection does not work, going to locks up the phone (Samsung thinks it is due to using a custom timeline image), texts/calls may or may not come through, constantly not receiving missed call/text alerts, corporate email setup requires giving one’s IT dept “super admin rights” so they can lock one out of, or factory reset, one’s phone, and you can’t use the audio output jack and have a conversation (if you wanted to stream Pandora, Google Navigation, etc. through the car stereo via the audio jack it disables the internal microphone so inbound callers, voice, etc. can’t hear you). Also, the keyboard display covers most of the screen and you can’t minimize the touchpad to see the screen. All in all, this is the most disappointing phone I have ever had.

  • Frank Cars

    I have been on Verizon for 10 years. Rarely do I get dropped calls. On the G3 on Verizon, I have many (about a 1/3rd) dropped calls. I also get it where the I can here the other person as clearly as any phone but they can’t hear me.

    I did turn off (phone settings > additional settings > Noise Reduction), which has helped some of the garbled voices but not all.

    So, given I am reading a trend and the phones only been out a few weeks on Verizon, this is NOT good. It’s not a lemon. I’m confident we will get a fix but at the moment my Galaxy S3 on Verizon is nearly unusable for business due to dropped calls or loss of voice to other end in places where I’ve never had a problem before (for years).

    Of course, it could be LTE !! Scary!!

  • Imran Ahmed

    @ roger (15 july comment) I have exactly the same problem as you. Samsung customer service is appalling. I have been told another 2 weeks for a software update. I have lost my faith in Samsung customer service. I may sell the phone when I get it back and wait for the iPhone.

  • Arthur

    Also having a problem with dropped calls on the Verizon version, about 20% of the time. Very upsetting, since this is the reason I returned the GNex.

  • olena

    Although the phone is very nice visually, and don’t get dropped calls like other people(I’m in Canada) the phone dI’d this recall freaky major glitch when it overheated and the smokescreen was completely messed up. I turned off the phone and waited for it to cool down , and so far (45 minutes later) k didn’t have a lasting problem.

  • kpanos

    I’ve had my Galaxy S3 for one week. I’ve never been able to get it to pass data through my G router. It connects instantly, but won’t pass data. I exchanged the phone today, and it didn’t make any difference. Truly the phone design has a problem!

  • winzoir durr

    Ive had my GS3 with Verizon for about three months now. It is by far the best phone i ever had. But what is really making me start to want another phone is all the forced closes. I could be doing anything on my phone and it will freeze up saying such and such has stopped working, and if i want to report it. I have done various factory resets on the phone, but the problem still persists and getting worse. Can somebody please help me?!?! Also my wife has the same phone and she is having the same issues.

  • angela

    I have noticed that lately my phone has been freezing an awful lot. Also, when i have my picture gallery opened my phone will go back to the home screen like all of the time. Very frustrating.