BY | March 26, 2013

Both the handsets look great and Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Huawei Ascend G700 specs and features comparison makes interesting reading

The Chinese mobile maker Huawei already has a flagship FullHD phone for the year namely the Ascend D2. However, fresh reports suggest that the company is now working on a powerful quad core FullHD phablet versus Samsung’s new Galaxy S4. The rumored handset is likely to come with a quad-core Cortex-A15 CPU and 1080p 5-inch display. Indeed, it will be rather stronger than the Ascend D2, which is announced a while ago.

Huawei Ascend G700 may go for sales mid or late this year, but it may be announced in April itself. It looks that Huawei will take the upcoming device as a direct rival to the Galaxy S4, which is now touted as one of the best smartphones in the world ever. Only a few of the already announced phablets can defy the S4 as of now. Products from Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, Sharp and other short-time firms are not much competitive.

It might have propelled Huawei to figure out a new handset if the rumors are true. The potential device may be further good and competitive to the new high-end phablets including the S4, Sony Xperia Z and HTC One  Let us see what more things we can expect with the handset. It may include 2GB RAM, Mali T604 GPU and a 13MP camera. The device will be getting its power from a 2600mAh battery and it will be thin at 6.3mm.

“At top of the line prices, current Huawei flagship stands little chance against Samsung’s Galaxy S4, when it arrives in China,” writes Unwired View’s Staska. “If Huawei can quickly come up with well designed, thin, 4.9” 1080p handset with the specs outlined above, it could have a strong SGS4 alternative on its hands,” he adds. It could at least gain momentum over the Samsung phone in China.

However, there is a big chance that rumor about the new Huawei phone might be the result of someone’s wild imagination. So, take this news only with a pinch of salt. It might a rumor only. Even though, it is sensible to expect such a device from the Chinese firm that is known for its phone making for cheaper prices. Since the Ascend D2 is not a big alternative to the S4 we can surely wait for a more great phone from the company.

Ascend D2 Vs Galaxy S4
There is no doubt that Ascend D2 FullHD phone is not a strong rival to the Galaxy S4. Though having a 5-inch 1080p IPS LCD display, it has some notable limitations in certain areas. First of all, Ascend D2 lacks a brilliant processor and GPU, when the Galaxy S4 features an Exynos Octa core chipset inside a brand new ARM Cortex processor. The Huawei phone has only a 1.5GHz quad core Huawei K3V2 CPU, at the same time.

The new Huawei phone, as per rumors, will have its major revamp in CPU and GPU. It is expected to come out with a nice 1.8GHz K3V3 Cortex A15 processor and a Mali T604 GPU. Both the S4 and Ascend D2 sport 13MP cameras, and the new Huawei phone will also have the same camera. When it comes to internal memory, the S4 has 16GB/32GB/64GB variants along with the option for microSD slot for expanding memory. Ascend D2 only comes in 32GB variant and it also drops microSD slot.

Above all, the new Huawei phone may come for an affordable price. It will be yet another nice thing that will put the rumored device as an excellent alternative to the S4, at least in the domestic markets. Anyway, let us wait and see what the Huawei’s next flagship will be and how it will take on the new swing of FullHD phablets including the outshining S4.


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