BY | July 25, 2012

Both are poles apart and Windows Phone 8 handsets are still to land in the market. But here we compare Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Windows Phone 8 handsets and their specs and features

Within less than two months after its launch, Korean technology behemoth Samsung has sold ten million units of Galaxy S3. This is a major achievement and shows that Samsung has really become a challenge for Apple, the manufacturer of leading smartphone brand iPhone. To be true, the way it is zipping past all Android manufacturers and increasingly competing with Cupertino based Apple, shows clearly as to why Apple is fearful of it. Neither Motorola is a credible threat to Apple’s supremacy in smartphone market, nor is HTC or RIM for that matter. Samsung has emerged as the only and true threat to Apple and the dominance of its iPhone brand.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S3 smartphone has left even Samsung bosses bemused. Within fifty days’ time, the company has sold more than ten million Galaxy S3 units alone. It is the best performance of any Galaxy Smartphone and Korean company is hoping that it is able to cross twenty million mark within four months.

But Galaxy S3 is not just competing against Apple’s iPhone. In the coming days it will have to face very tough competition from other companies, particularly smartphones running on Windows forthcoming OS Widows 8 phone handsets.

Though there is no fixed date for the introduction of Windows 8 phones, but there are reasons to believe that Microsoft fans wouldn’t have to wait for the product for very long. The Redmond-based Microsoft last month unveiled the firmware, which will arrive on new handsets in a while. Microsoft has not yet cleared on which device the new firmware will first appear. Anyway, we compare Galaxy S III with an expected top-end Windows Phone 8-based handset to help a new customer choose the best device possible.

We are going to compare the two products taking some prominent attributes that are almost feasible in both the handsets (Galaxy S III and Windows Phone 8 handset). Of course, in several aspects, Microsoft attempts to compete with the latest phones of the market, mainly Samsung’s top-notch handsets and Apple’s iPhone.

Great start screen
Microsoft is going to give great options to users of its smartphone when it comes to an unconventional start screen for your handset? If you want to be able to make start screen as you want it to make, you should wait until a handset comes out with the Windows Phone 8. The new software from the Redmond firm comes with far smarter tile-like icons, which can be resized as per your choice. Well, Microsoft has added more size options for the icons with the update. Now you can choose from small, medium and two wide sizes for more interesting smartphone experience. Moreover, you can also choose from various colors for the tiles. This is a feature you can’t enjoy on Galaxy S III that runs on Google’s latest Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The firmware, though made simple and smooth, has a traditional interface and start screen.

Choice of Hardware
Like Android smartphones, Windows 8 phone handsets will be manufactured by multiple tech companies. Microsoft doesn’t produce handsets; it only distributes the firmware for product makers. But, for the first time in Windows Phone’s history, Microsoft has added support for multicore processors including dual and quad core chips with the Windows Phone 8. Its predecessor Windows Phone 7.5 Mango only supports single core chips, which was thus set by Microsoft to increase battery life. As per Microsoft, first devices with the new software will come with 1.7GHz dual core chips, i.e. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 Plus in other words. In future, quad core devices will also come up with the Windows Phone 8. Samsung Galaxy S III, in the meanwhile, is a quad core smartphone. The company has launched the device with its own Exynos 4212 Quad quad-core chipset and advanced Cortex-A9 processor clocking at 1.4GHz. The handset gets its graphical power from a Mali-400MP processor, which will also make the device competitive to Wind
There are reports that Galaxy S3 is all set to get Google’s latest Android Jelly Bean firmware. Right now it comes with Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean is going to make it a lot more desirable. To be true, some analysts have counted the Galaxy S III as one of the best handsets you can get. On the other hand, Windows Phone 8 is expected to enrich our experience with the new line of Windows handsets. We still have no clear idea about the potential Windows handsets. But, it is sure that the new handsets will offer an entirely new experience for smartphone users thanks to Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft is hoping that its smartphones start getting people’s attention with the introduction of Windows Phone 8. To date, Microsoft’s Windows Phone has been well received by critics, but hasn’t yet managed to make a substantial dent in U.S. smartphone sales, falling to just 4.4% of all U.S. smartphone sales in March, according to comScore. Google’s Android OS, meanwhile, has hovered around 50% of all U.S. smartphone sales, with Apple’s iOS at about 30%. There are reasons to believe that Microsoft may be well on the mark this time and people will love its smartphones running on Windows 8 phone.


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  • piruthiviraj

    How mmuch did you get from micrsoft to post a nes like this?

  • radhakrishna

    WP8 also can’t cross 5%, that is still below Bada OS. Junk and useless WP OS.

  • who_r_dem

    I guess we all will wait and see Windows Phone 8 surpass 10% market share next year. Its quite amazing how people knock WP, uninformed. The majority of people that have used it really enjoy WP7.

  • Nehul

    I am Sure Windows phone 8 will Badly Fuck Android .
    Android is actually Lame .
    Samsung Galaxy SIII looks stand no where even if u compare with Lumia 800 and Lumia 900.

    People let me tell u.. u have become Slaves of Android .!! Buckup u need a change in ur lyfstyle !!

  • vb2012

    wow how much is google or apple paying you to write these comments see what i did there ;) stop breaking down microsoft and nokia they are trying and for you information apple and google had so much time to develop their phones and look at microsoft they didnt even go back to mobile version they did it all over agian so please use your f**** brains clearly you are being payed and for the writer im not sure if he supporting micsoft or apple or google but i can talk about all other writers who publish sh***t about microsft
    1. They dont have an idea what their writing about
    2. They dont even do their reviews right
    and i can go on useless realy -_-
    in my view no matter how the grudge for the company if one writes review you do it with respect
    shocking what the world has come to

  • srini

    ‘hope’ for the future is always distant from reality. Writer ‘hopes’ for the future & comparing it with existing product. My first choice is android, but recently started using nokia lumia. It is very nice & having smooth functionality. I definitely say tht WP doesnot get recognition as it should. such competetion always benefit the customer & ‘hope’ for success of WP8.