BY | September 18, 2012

Apple’s latest iPhone 5 is breaking one record after the other. Apple has said that it is the best smartphone launched on planet Earth so far and Apple fans are rushing to buy one in very large numbers. Already many people are lining up outside Apple showrooms in many parts of the United States. They will continue to camp outside the Apple showrooms for the next four days when the Cupertino based technology company actually starts selling the phone at its showrooms.

The frenzy for the new iPhone 5 is so high that within 24 hours after the opening of pre-orders as many as 2 million iPhone 5 handsets were bought, making it the fastest selling smartphone in the history of the phones in the world. Reports suggest that Apple bosses are pleasantly surprised over such mind boggling demand and there are people who believe that within the first week after its launch in stores, Apple will sell as many as ten million units of the smart-phone. Some conservative estimates too suggest a figure of around 6 million handset sales in the first week after the launch itself.

But if you thought Apple is going to go unchallenged in the market, you are simply mistaken. There is another smartphone available in the market that is being equally loved by tech lovers. The 4.8 inch Samsung Galaxy S III is still being sold like hot cake across the US and throughout the world and reports don’t indicate any fall in its demand since the launch of iPhone 5. Samsung has reportedly sold around 25 million units of Galaxy S3 since its launch over three months ago. Here we compare the two best phones available in the market.

Form Factor
Apple has incorporated major changes in its latest iPhone 5. It has not just brought a bigger iPhone with 4 inch display, but has amazingly made it thinner and lighter despite bigger size. Apple’s latest baby comes with merely 7.6mm thin body that weighs only at 112grams. The Galaxy S3 on the other hand comes with a curvy form factor and it looks fairly reminiscent of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus. The bottom part of the handset is somewhat larger than the top. Indeed, the S3 has an extremely fresh and modern look. The handset is a bit larger than the One S. It has the dimensions of 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm and weight of 133 grams. Indeed, the device is one of the slick handsets in the top-end category.

For Apple fans, the bigger size seems to be a big draw. Though many people had said that Apple wouldn’t change the size of its smart-phone, Apple has gone for a bigger 4 inch display. The new iPhone’s IPS LCD Retina display comes with an impressive resolution of 1136 x 640 pixels at 326ppi. Samsung’s Galaxy S3 on the other hand features a large 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD capacitive touchscreen with Gorilla Glass. The device stands out the entire mobile market with its high resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels at 306ppi. The new Galaxy S phone is among the most advanced in the world as far as the display clarity and size are concerned. But iPhone’retina display gives better display than Samsung’s Galaxy S3, though naked eyes may not be able to differentiate.

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 comes with a very advanced Exynos 4212 Quad core chipset inside. It is powered by four ARM Cortex-A9 cores that clock at 1.4GHz. There is a high performance Mali-400MP GPU inside the machine. The iPhone 5 on the other hand has been fitted with A6 chip. It is still not quad core, but Apple suggests that the chip performs twice as fast as its existing iPhone 4S.

Korean technology company Samsung’s Galaxy S3 and Cupertino based Apple’s iPhone 5 offer 3 memory options including 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB. iPhone 5 comes with 1GB RAM while Galaxy S3 comes with 2GB RAM.

Both the handsets compete well against each other and there is certainly not a clear winner. iPhone 5 will be loved by Apple fanboys while Samsung Galaxy S3 will be loved by proponents of Android OS.


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  • lifemja

    I PHONE 5 IS THE BEST………..

  • Ted

    Seems like Apple brought out a new phone that still cannot beat the Samsung S3. Apple lovers simply buying it for the make and not the spec’s. Had an S3 for 2 months and wouldnt change it. Slower processor, no thanks, smaller screen also no thanks.

  • Chris

    iPhone 5 is the best what? Best iPhone maybe but not the best smartphone on the market by any stretch of the imagination. That goes to the Galaxy SIII. Gotta love the blind devotion of the fanboys.

  • Eiva S.

    after trying both, i certainly go for the iphone.

  • Russell

    I really do not see why people are getting excited over the Iphone 5. The hardware specs are not that exciting and the OS is only just catching up with features Android has had for a while.

  • amit

    apple has 1 gb ram but the os dosent need the big ram. its intelligent to manage itself in less ram

  • Gary

    i dont get what the hype is about the iphone 5. after all this time they only bring to the table a 4inch display? really? android phones has had much bigger screens for a long time now.. now with the s3 coming out with 4.8inch and quad core apple should be full of shame for falling so short in this market. But this is just another marketing scheme for all the apple suckers out there. They will slowly bring out features that already exist on android devices to capitalize on the dumb suckers apple following.
    The display size is just one of many features that apple is still lacking on.. but again… this is how they sucker the apple following and by the time they come out with features already found on android devices, samsung, google, android, will be light years ahead..

  • maira hedge

    well i would go with Samsung. i am a big admirer of this great firm not because of its superb products, but because of its excellent customer service. i am not saying that Apple is not good, it is superb rather, but the price range is always something that keeps me away from its amazing products. here is a full history of Samsung, have a look:- Samsung if your product hasn’t have the wow factor, but if you are providing good customer service and you care those people who are buying your devices, and from the bottom of your heart you are wanting to give them best in terms of everything. No one can prevent you to sit on the apex of your customers choices; this is exactly what the Samsung does. since many years i have been noticing a constant improvement not only in its (Samsung) products quality but also in customer relations. Samsung makes an unbreakable bond with its users, and i strongly believe this. what do you think ???
    as far as the Galaxy series is concerned so i would say i am in love with this. and Galaxy S3 is not less than what we call an exemplary device/phone.

  • mc

    trying both? to previous comment(Elva S). i-phone 5 is not out yet to
    i-fan boys like to lie to make a lost cause look good!
    sammy beat i-phone on benchmarks today .

  • Anwha

    To Elva S…you tried both??? I phone 5 only available on Sept 21st…lol….do your self a favour and really try the Iphone 5 on that day and you’ll see Android (samsung galaxy 3) is definitley the way to go
    Apple is doing it again…nothing new!!!!!!!!!!

  • rahman shaukat

    one idiot above(EIVA S) said AFTER TRYING BOTH I LIKE IPHONE 5 MORE, LOL STOP LYING IPHONE 5 DIDNT EVEN COME out yet so how u tried it already ? and i bet u u dont even have sg3, u prolly still using iphone3 but wanna be a wise ass.


    The only thing apple has going for them is there software. The iphone is outdated, even with the new look and possessor it’s still a iPhone 4S. People that stand in the line or I should say camp out are trying to replace the mistake of there iPhone, even if they have the most resent model “iPhone 4S” they are looking for something, however they will still keep looking for something better, for example: iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and so on. It will never change. The good news is Samsung has stepped up and brought out the phone that has changed the world “Samsung Galaxy S3″. I know apple might have some patent on the slogan ” change the world” however you have to change something to say it.
    Face it Apple, Samsung came into the market with this phone with a bang and are going to stay around for a long time. Apple fans out there are not going to stay with you for very long until you change something that will make them happy, like the Samsung Galaxy 3 owners. Well spend your money wisely on your next phone people.
    SQUIRREL , Samsung Galaxy 3 owner.

  • Manikrao

    As i always said apple is for eating and android is for kicking apples ass

  • bbold

    iphone followers r just bcoming sh**t
    y shld rush 2 buy somethin dwarfed by samsung siii…iphone followers r xtravagant spenders wit no analytical thinkin…..spend spend spend but d siii would rule for decades 2 come

  • brent w

    Iphone will probably have a better feeling body. But looks like the s3 has better specs on paper. Can’t wait to try out an iphone so I can compare my s3 to it hands on.

  • kevin

    @amit, the US version has 2 gb of ram and the international has 1. It’s very apparent why Apple is trying the get the galaxy s3 banned, they simply can’t compete. Once the jelly bean platform is released, there is no more talk and Samsung will be the clear winner hands down

  • walid

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!! iphone 5 is a joke compared to the far more advanced samsung gs3.specs tell the at the event apple was too shy to even tell the specifications of the only said that it was going to be 2x faster than the previous. I didnt buy the s3 bcoz i was waiting to see what apple comes up with .utterly dissapointed i will buy me an s3 this week.

  • Youknowiphonerule

    YOU SAD SAD SAMSUNG LOVERS. Dont feel too bad you can’t afford an iPhone, you might be able too one day, chin up. All you seem to talk about is screen size, big deal!! S3′s are horrible I have used one before and the iPhone 3 is a better phone. iPhone 5, well I feel sorry that your even trying to compare the two, it like comparing faeces to gold! Keep bitching like little girls but deep down you wish you had an iPhone!!

  • roxie stiltner

    Galaxy’s3 rules!!!

  • smileyanz

    Was in Norwich uk the other day and walked pass an Apple store and honest there was more reps trying to push the junk to anyone passing buy, I couldn’t believe the nerve of them. Anyhow I went in and approached a fanboy and asked if they sold bananas and he said no and i said well that’s funny coz there’s loads all bunched up in there yellow and green outfits. An applesaurus and asked me to leave and seemed a little off with me!!!!!hehe for some reason. Perhaps he was just old in the tooth and had seen better day’s!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ankrit

    Sad sad sad was w8ng 4 apple i phone 5 thought it would do summing new dis tym atleast ve a big inch display but dis is wat ur biggest display is den its worthless was a big fan of apple but nw give a thums up 2 s3 Samsung u rock cheerSssssS!!!!!!!

  • Ted

    @ Youknowiphonerule

    Its not that we cant afford an iPhone, why pay more for something with less? ALL Apple products are stupidly OVERPRICED and anyone will agree. Sad people just going along with the logo and nothing else.