BY | July 23, 2012

Samsung’s Galaxy S3 sales have broken another record with ten million units sold so far. Where is iPhone 5 wonders Abdul Vahid V

Samsung Galaxy S3 continues to make headlines. The Android handset is getting unprecedented response from the markets across the world. Sales of the phone have already broken all records. As per Samsung’s CEO Shin Jong-kyun’s prediction, it would have sold out 10 million units by the end of July. But, what happened is that it has surpassed the 10 million mark in just twenty days of the month. Ten more days are remaining with Samsung selling at least 190,000 units every day on an average.

The new version of the Galaxy S series is available on all major carriers in the United States. Amazingly, unlike its previous versions, Galaxy S3 features identical models for all carriers like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and others. Thanks to its advanced features, the S3 is now one of the most sought-after Android handset in stores. For many analysts, the handset is the world’s best Android phone ever. Indeed, overwhelming demand for the handset indicates its popularity.

“Samsung ‘s global sales of its Galaxy S3 smartphones have surpassed the 10 million mark less than two months after its official release, a senior executive of the world’s largest mobile phone maker said Sunday” says Yonhap.

When it was officially launched in London on May 29, Samsung CEO said that it would get 10 million customers in two months. By the end of June, the device has been sold in around six and half million units. The sales figure of S3 reveals that it is the most popular handset of the series. To sell around ten million units of its predecessor, the S2, Samsung took six months. It is now being estimated that the S3 would be sold around twenty to thirty million units in six months.

Galaxy S3 features
Certainly, sales of the handset are driven by its wealthy specs. The device offers a Samsung Exynos dual-core processor and a large 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED touchscreen display that packs a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. Long battery life, all essential connectivity options including NFC and Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich make the handset further superb. Samsung has also brought many design improvisations to the handset. It is the habit of the South Korean tech maker to overhaul the entire form factor of its new devices.

Apple’s legal battle
Needless to mention, Galaxy S3 is a huge threat to Apple iPhone. The highly sophisticated handset is expected to slowly take the rein of the global smartphone market from iPhone. All recent phones from Samsung including the Galaxy Nexus also proved threat to iPhone. Apple used to move against its rivals through legal fights. The company usually files suits against such devices on copyright infringement complaints.

After winning a ban for Galaxy Nexus through a legal move, Apple also wanted to prevent shipment of the S III; but it was rejected by the U.S. court. The Galaxy S III “has been the target of an Apple injunction attempt, but that effort was tabled last month when Koh ruled there were already too many issues to consider,” says CNET.

Final words
Anyway, Galaxy S III is the talk of the town now. Equipped with highly rich specs, the handset has stolen the heart of customers. Android device users are quite excited to replace their handsets with the S3. And also, there is a huge turnout of customers from iPhone and other platforms to the Android thanks to Galaxy S3. Huge sales figures may further prompt people to buy the best Android handset ever.


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