Samsung Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2, Nokia Lumia 920, iPhone 5 best phones of 2012


    HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Nokia Lumia 920 and iPhone are among the best handsets of the year 2012

    The year 2012 has departed. The year gifted us many amazing gadgets. As the tech world is busily talking about the fresh devices for 2013, we make a trip into the five major handsets of the year. This list is prepared based on the sales figures, popularity and reviews of the handsets in 2012. You can certainly see many other handsets with great quality and features in the past year. But, here is our list of five best handsets of 2012.

    Samsung Galaxy S3: No one will be surprised to see the Galaxy S3 in the top spot. Well, this is arguably the best Android handset ever. Huge sales figures of 30 million units during the months after its release in May 2012 has put it the most popular handset. This Samsung phone has even surpassed the sales counts of iPhone in the third quarter of the year for the first time in years.

    Data from Strategy Analytics reinforce the reports. “Samsung’s Galaxy S3 smartphone model shipped 18 million units worldwide during the third quarter of 2012,” says Neil Shah of the research firm. “The Galaxy S3 captured an impressive 11 percent share of all smartphones shipped globally and it has become the world’s best-selling smartphone model for the first time ever,” he added.

    What makes Galaxy S3 win over the market are its spectacular specs and features. The device comes with a larger 4.8-inch Super AMOLED display, dual core Snapdragon S4 or quad core Exynos CPU, better RAM, increased storage, 8MP rear camera and above all a great look and design with slim body.

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2: It is the second upgrade to Samsung’s famous Galaxy Note phablet. The new device has arrived with an enhanced 5.5-inch display and polished specs. It has been the only prominent player in phablet market since its release. Samsung has well utilized its competitors’ hesitation to launch 5-inch devices in fear that it won’t get customers. But, Samsung bravely went on to push out a quad core based second upgrade, which changed the entire market with ruthless domination.

    Nokia Lumia 920: It is the premium phone of Windows Phone 8. It is also Nokia’s flagship Windows phone. The Finnish mobile firm has designed the machine with loads of innovative features. It has a larger display, better processor, RAM, wireless charging facility, attractive colors and more.

    HTC One X: The One X is simply HTC’s competitor to Galaxy S3 and other high end Android phones. HTC rolled out the device even before the S3 as one of the first quad core phones in market. It is now one of the hottest Android phones with a 4.7-inch display, Nvidia Tegra 3 CPU and more. Along with the One X, HTC has also produced a midrange One S and low-level One V. Later, the company came up with a One XL+ upgrade for One X in some major markets.

    Apple iPhone 5: Apple has faced a setback last year. Its flagship iPhone’s recent model the iPhone 5 could not win over its Android rival the Galaxy S3. Even being a hot product with a fresh 4-inch form factor, iOS 6 and other features, the handset was not powerful enough to beat Galaxy S3. Plus, huge criticism against Apple Maps and other flaws decreased the repute of iPhone 5. Many users blamed that the device is taller and its design was not revolutionary. As a whole, it was not a good year for iPhone and Apple is reportedly working on a far advanced iPhone 5S with a goal to beat the new Galaxy upgrade and other Android devices.


    1. From sales point of view, Galaxy S3 is not the most popular one, iPhone5 still beats it by a wide margin. I do believe Nokia and Windows Phone 8 have a bright future as people eventually will get used to Windows 8 operating system on PC, which shares the same tile UI and OS core with Win 8 based tablets and WP8 phones.

    2. Nokia Lumia 920 kicks iphone 5’s ass. (I’m rocking a white 920 :D) Way ahead in tech & features. It definitely deserves the 2012 Smartphone of the Year award from Gizmodo. W/ premium & stylish industrial design & nice color choices. But sadly still underrated mainly due to its weight & lack of apps which i believe shouldn’t be of a great deal. But a great future still awaits for the 920 this 2013 as more 920’s should be available & will be launched to more markets like India which is a big market for Nokia. The Lumia 620 is also very promising. Introducing wp8 OS experience to a wider consumer market.

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