Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2.2 update to make S3 as features rich as Galaxy S4


    This handset is a year old, but will become almost like the new iteration boosting its sales once again. Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.2.2 update will make S3 as features rich as Galaxy S4

    Samsung Galaxy S3 is going to get those features that were showstoppers for the Korean tech giant’s latest iteration Galaxy S4. When Sammy showcased its Galaxy S4, it also showcased a number of new features that attracted a number of new buyers and fans towards this handset. Though some of these features were called by Sammy critics as pure gimmicks but it didn’t deter millions and millions of people to go for it and get hold of the new handset.

    But despite fierce criticism from some people who don’t leave any opportunity to attack Samsung, these features added to the charm of the Galaxy S4. Latest reports suggest that Sammy has already sold a record seven million handset in a short span of three weeks after its market launch and before the month end, the company expects to sell more than ten million handsets. Galaxy S3 owners were fearful that these very impressive features may not come to their handset. But thankfully Samsung hasn’t disappointed them and now reports suggest that the company is all set to launch Android 4.2.2 update on the highest selling Sammy handset.

    The news is going to make the owners and perspective Galaxy S3 customers really happy. Reports suggest that Samsung’s Android 4.2.2 update for its previous galaxy iteration has been shown to have all the features that come with Galaxy S4. Reports also suggest that the update will be launched as early as mid-June, so not much time is left in its arrival. Many people have said that Galaxy S4 doesn’t have an overwhelming superiority over its previous version and Galaxy S3 is still among the best handsets available in the market.

    I must add that you shouldn’t be disappointed for its arrival a few weeks later. SamMobile says that the delay is caused because of the fact that the testing is in final stage and once it is done, the update will be released immediately. But this process will take around 3-4 weeks’ time.