BY | January 17, 2013

It is going to be very exciting news for our readers. Samsung Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean OTA update is finally coming to AT&T and other users

Samsung’s flagship Android phone the Galaxy S3 is being updated to the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in global markets. Many markets and carriers have already received the update. But, Jelly Bean is yet to come all units of the handsets in all countries. It is now the time for AT&T Galaxy S3 owners in the U.S. to rejoice. Samsung has announced Over-The-Air (OTA) firmware update for the AT&T Galaxy S3. Jelly Bean was available for the phone since December via Samsung Kies PC application.

Samsung has now made OTA update for the device public on its official website. The device, codenamed SGH-i747 will now notify you with the update if you have not done it already. Just wait for your notification or go ahead to your device’s update center for Jelly Bean. Here we tell you how you can update your Galaxy S3 to Android 4.1.

Guide to Update AT&T Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean via OTA
Backup your Data: At the outset, you need to back up all your data either to microSD slot or computer via PC companion.  Well, the software is specially designed to keep most of your important data intact during update. So, it will leave your pictures, contacts and videos unharmed. However, for safety it is better to back up the data.

Check for Update: Go ahead to the update center to find the update file. You can go to the page through Menu > Settings > About Phone> Software Update. In the About Phone, you can see the current baseband version as I747UCLEM, I747UCLG1, I747UCLH9 or I747UCLI5. As you update, it will change to I747UCDLK3.

Have Better Connectivity & Power Backup: The vital thing you should be cautious before the firmware update are better data connectivity and power backup. Make sure you have stable internet connection either via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. Once the update starts, system won’t lose connectivity. As important is that the device should have enough battery backup.

Galaxy S3 Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Improvements
Put it simply, the entire interface of the S3 will have notable changes with the Jelly Bean update. A new home screen mode will be added with the device. Features like Swype and Music Hub will be extra additions. It will modify many apps and features like Settings menu, camera app, Quick panel UI and Facebook integration, Samsung says on its official site.

“This update adds a fast new user interface, improves the camera app significantly, adds a built-in Swipe-style keyboard and some other great features for blocking calls or notifications and more,” writes Kevin Purcell of GottaBeMobile on his first-impression article over the OS on S3.

Project Butter: Thanks to the CPU enhancer feature, everything is faster with the handset. It has noticeably faster interface, app launcher and camera functions. The device responds quickly to the touches for various pages and apps. This feature is certainly one of the most attractive things with the new firmware update from Google.

Built-in Swipe Keyboard: With Jelly Bean, you no longer need to stab at each key of the touchscreen keypad of the device. For typing text faster, you can just Swype over the keypad now. Amazingly, it works with better motions and accurate recognition of keys.

Camera Improvements: Lots of camera enhancements are realized on Galaxy S3 by Android 4.1. You can pause video recording midway, edit and reframe a recorded clip. “Start shooting and then hit pause. Re-frame a shot and start it again. The resulting video looks like an editor spliced two shots together instead of one single recording session,” GottaBeMobile.

Well, thousands of AT&T Galaxy S3 owners have been waiting for the OTA update of Jelly Bean to the device. Updating the device through Kies has been stinking. It is more complicated than getting it through OTA. That is why many users waited until it would come to update their handsets. In fact, the Kies update has been available since December.


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