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Samsung Galaxy S2 vs iPhone 4S comparison continues. Tech experts say both have some advantages over the other. Apple and Samsung fans have very divergent views on the two phones

Samsung Galaxy S2 has been named as the best phone of the year by T3. This happened when Apple’s latest smart phone iPhone 4S is set to hit the market two days from now. In preparation for the launch, Apple has released iOS 5 amid great enthusiasm among its users.

Samsung Galaxy S2 has been in the US market for less than four week now and people are loving it. In fact the phone has impressed tech nerds so much that there seems to be developing a pro and anti iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S2 fan groups.

A reader says, “Commenting from my android based samsung captivate that I have used and loved for the last year. After watching and waiting I am going to get a new galaxy s2 since after months of promise once again apple fails to release even an attempt to keep up with the android phone market. I used to use an iphone 3g and hated it. The only iphone that was a class leader, if it could be called that, was the original and even that sucked. Android os is a much faster and easier to use os than itunes”.

Another reader has this to say, “I’ve had Apple smart phones for the last several years. Super easy to operate, very functional, very well integrated with Itunes. Nice size phone to fit in your pocket also. Was ready to upgrade to the iPhone 4S but then I got a hold of the Samsung Galaxy S2. At first the Android OS was a bit overwhelming. I mean when you’re used to using such simple products as Apple develops you get a little overwhelmed with all the settings/options on the Android os. But after using it several different times in the AT&T stores I was hooked. This phone friggin flies! It makes the Apple products seem like they are years behind in technology. The screen colors on the Samsung are intense, saturated, and just beautiful. The resolution isn’t as insanely crisp as the iPhone 4′s but it is so close it’s barely noticeable. The menus just zip along. The dual core processer in this phone is a game changer. The gps mapping is fluid when resizing as is opening and using any APP- not sticky or hesitant like the iPhones. I also love the Equalizer and Sound effects for music which are non-existent on iPhone. There are just so many more ways to “tweak” your settings and customize your Android phone. Its awesome! Oh and web browsing- this thing flies on a wireless connection. No waiting for pages to load”.

Comparison: Samsung Galaxy S II comes with a dimension of 125.3 x 66.1 x 8.49mm and a weight of 117g. Apple iPhone 4S comes with a dimension of 115.2 x 58.6 x 9.3mm and weighs at 140g.

Samsung is among the best manufacturers of displays and its Galaxy S2 comes with fascinating super AMOLED display is enough to beat iPhone’s Retina Display. Apple iPhone 4S is with the same display of its predecessor iPhone 4. Samsung Galaxy S II comes with a huge 4.27-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels.

Though Apple iPhone 4S comes with a lot better dual core A5 processor, it lacks 4G connectivity. Galaxy S 2 comes loaded with high performing dual core 1.5 or 1.2 GHz processor. It is incredibly faster than what iPhone 4S can promise.

Samsung Galaxy S2 and iPhone 4S come with 8 mega pixel camera, nonetheless Apple has an edge over Galaxy S2 due to ease of functioning it has over other smart phones in the market.

In internal memory, Apple iPhone 4S has big edge over its rival. The company has loaded its gadget with 64GB internal memory. Besides it has 32 and 16 GB versions also. Samsung Galaxy S2 comes with 32 GB inbuilt hard disk. Though it has a micro sd slot for 64 GB memory card, but Apple clearly beats Samsung here.


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  • Charlie

    Am I missing something? “Apple clearly beats Samsung here.” refering to storage. iPhone max 64GB with no option of a removeable sd card albeit it be that the cover has to be uncliped on the Samsung. The S2 has 32GB + up to 64GB = 95GB of which the 64GB micro SD can be removed as media to be used in a card reader if so required??? I have a iPad 64GB and love it to death but waited for the i5 which has not materialised. Sad to say we have both here and the Samsung S2 is clearly ahead

  • Charlie

    sorry, 96GB

  • Kaya

    I agree with Charlie, in fact, you can have several of 64gb micro sd cards and walk about with a whole lifetime library with you! Samsung galaxy S2 way ahead!!!

  • Mary

    I just got the sumsung galaxy and i really love it I originally wanted the apple iphone the new one that is what i am waiting for.But i dont see a difference in the phones besides the galaxy being faster slimmer and bigger. Now i am torn between the two. I want apple cause its apple and u cannot go wrong but now i have this phone i dont know i might just keep it. Its getting great reviews.

  • asdadada

    samsung galaxy s2 the best! iphone 4s rubbish update!

  • Cris

    You guys are honestly basing which phone is ahead, primarily on storage capacity? That’s some honest imbecile mentality there.

  • http:/ theara

    I have known clearly . Just known that s2cheaper . super clear display . Longer better life . . faster processing.. lighter

  • Montey

    Sorry;64gb sd cards?i’m sure they’re very available and cheap.why have more memory built into your phone when you could just spend another hundred pounds on an SD fact why not buy several ,because we all need several hundred gigs of memory on our phones to survive .gosh i can understajd you would like that freedom but ,come realistic

  • Jonathan Jeffus

    This article appears to be bought and paid for by Samsung. The Galaxy s2 is a nice phone, but ultimately it’s limited by the Android OS, which is unreliable and crash-prone, The Android market is fractured, with app incompatibility issues and a much smaller selection of apps. The apps that are available and run are usually poorly designed. Several viruses have been found on the Android app market, something that’s impossible on te Apple app store. Thats just the OS. What about Siri? Why is that not mentioned?

  • Ctech

    Finally, fanboys of both devices can rest! Benchmarks prove that the iPhone 4s is faster than its rival. It clearly comes down to preference in my opinion. Both devices are remarkable, though I prefer the solid feel of the iPhone. May each one of you find happiness in the device of your choice.

  • Bunny B

    As a Samsung S owner, I am maybe a bit bias but after reading reviews for both phones, it seems to me that the main point that most iPhone lovers keep clinging to is that Android OS is ‘glitchy’ and crashes all the time.

    I have had my phone for many months. Everyone else I know has either an iPhone or another brand of Droid. The iPhones do not have many problems but they too have their issues. The 4 seems to be better than the 3 as far as random re-boots. The ‘other brands’ of Droid phones all seem to have issues. Seems that their average life without beginning to fall apart, ‘mentally’ is about 8 months. Not good IMO for a phone that cost so much. My Samsung is not glitchy, does not crash or freeze. I think that basing decisions on how a phone will operate just on which OS it has is not very wise. Some makers are capable of doing it right, i.e. Samsung.

    I have had about 8 different Samsung phones over the years and I am a die-hard fan. I thought about the iPhone 5 but it did not surface and so when I get a new phone, it will be another Samsung…even if the promised improved iPhone 5 emerges.

  • Sparkplug

    You know what? Fuck siri(japanese: butt), and i dont think samsung even knows about this article, u guys r just die hard apple fans and dont wanna see the diff. Its clear the iPhone 4s is not even close…

  • derek

    I love the iphone but for the same 200 dollars the galaxy s2 is the better buy

  • Mitchell

    The Samsung Galaxy S2 is running on Anroid 2.3 when Iphone 4S is running on the IOS 5 which is the latest and has Dual Core Support while Android 2.3 from what I have learnt dose not support Dual Core to the full extent so we will have to wait till Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich comes out which will support Dual Core etc

    I like the iphones but I love my S2 its lighter and thinner to boot

  • Casey

    I think both phones are great but I don’t see how Apple has Samsung clearly beat. The 64GB iPhone costs $399, and that’s under a contract. The Samsung will cost you $229 under a conttract, and I’m pretty sure a microSD card is much less than the $170 difference.

    As for the phones themselves, consumers probably have their own preferences, and I wouldn’t mind owning either phone. But when it comes to storage, it’s pretty clear that Apple has their system set up to be able to charge a premium for their product.

  • James

    I can’t get caller ID to work….anyo
    ne know why?

  • jimmy jim

    This review is pure crap….learn to write.

  • Zeros

    “This article appears to be bought and paid for by Samsung. The Galaxy s2 is a nice phone, but ultimately it’s limited by the Android OS, which is unreliable and crash-prone, The Android market is fractured, with app incompatibility issues and a much smaller selection of apps. The apps that are available and run are usually poorly designed. Several viruses have been found on the Android app market, something that’s impossible on te Apple app store. Thats just the OS. What about Siri? Why is that not mentioned?”

    What rubbish. The Android OS is not limited at all. iOS is! You can customize Android to your hearts content. Not so with iOS. The iPhone 4S update simply plays catch up with Android. Android already had notifications, widgets, voice (sure Apple went one better). I’m sorry but every App I have ever downloaded has worked fine, and it’s proven that all the popular apps on iOS are on Android. There have been no viruses on the Android market lololol. That was one incident, found before it affected anyone. Probably only affected people who downloaded porn apps. With Ice Cream Sandwich, Apple is stuffed, as Android moves ahead once again, while Apple won’t have another phone out for a year.

  • nicks

    ya with android 4.0 (ice cream sandwich) rolling out on 19 th oct apple ios5 will lose. & main advantage of samsung is phones gets update to latest android version.
    like galaxy s19000 which got 2 android updates 2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3.
    while iphone 3gs did not get updated to ios5.

  • Karsten

    Yeah, what #1 said. Android wins in memory, because you don’t have to pay an arm and leg just for a few more gigs. Add the new Android OS coming soon, and it’s game over for Iphone.

  • Michael_London

    I wish people would get their facts right. iPhone 3gs did get updated to ios5. I know this because I have one and have ios5 running on it!

  • Barry

    I prefer the Blackberry. Why? Because it’s reliable and it’s

  • buttbandit

    “while iphone 3gs did not get updated to ios5″

    yeah it did

  • skamer

    i have owned an iphone since the initial launch and owned one ever since upto the iphone 4 and jailbroken a couple of devices during that time. I have since got the Samsung galaxy s2 and i can honestly say that the operating system is flawless with no crashes and every app works.and unlike with the app store when you purchase an app thats it on the android market place if you un-install the app within 15 mins your refunded automatically so your not left out of pocket for a rubbish app.The phone is customizable in every possible way infact encouraged and video’s look stunning supporting 5.1 channel audio through headphones.Iphone has the cloud samsung has allshare which worked flawlessly. I for one am happy i woke up to the limitations that apple impose on the end user and know the true pleasures of the Galaxy.

  • Medit

    Wtf, this article is like trying to shield apple’s iphone. Iphone is much more simple to use and it is rather for the ‘lazy’ users who just buy a phone which looks good and dont even use it. While on the other hand, phones like s2 have a much wider tweaking functionality and freedom. Its the same issue as mac and windows, u can do a whhooleee lotta more stuff on windows, except, in this case, s2 is the windows that is faster and allows more freedom. s2 is more for the people who want to get the most out of their phone

  • Nishu arora

    Samsung galaxy s2 is batter then iphone……….ameging exepiryans……….touch n display………todays best phone…….

  • MattOwen1996

    android for the win! iphone are rubbish

  • Gabriel

    i really don’t understand all the praise of the huge screen of the Galaxy…. IT IS FREAKING BLUEY GREEN PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! no white to be seen at all. it is like looking into a flickering CRT monitor. the whole phone is reminiscent of watered down jelly and the extra 200mhz per core mean nothing when the operating system hasn’t been custom built to take full advantage of it.


    I had an iPhone 3GS for over two years. I ended up *loathing* it. The fact that I was locked into Apple’s technology, and had to *beg* them for features, doesn’t sit well with me. Granted, I’m using my Galaxy S II with Gingerbread 2.3.4, and it’s still a learning curve. But at least I don’t have to use special software to load data (e.g. music, ring tones, etc.) into it. Software (iTunes) which Apple FLAT OUT REFUSES to release for my chosen operating system, GNU/Linux. Jailbreaking a phone shouldn’t even enter into the equation. Ease of use my… I hope you slide into the pit where you came from.

  • Keiran

    Every user has a different experience with their android/iphone smartphone.

    I gave my roommate the T-mobile G2 about 2 months ago and I noticed that the phone crashed and it went into recovery mode. I on the other hand I bought the G2 when it came out last year and I didn’t have this issue(except when I intentionally forced it to enter recovery mode,I rooted my phone :))

    Now my friend was given an Iphone.
    Three months ago her phone crashed and I also had to teach her how to navigate that clunky software called ITunes. She has also experienced other issues. Now on some forums other users claim they haven’t had issues with their phones.

    What does all this mean?
    You can’t judge the entire line of phones based on your experienced.
    If you bought a bad Android phone it doesn’t mean the entire line of Android phones are bad. So if you happen to get a bad Iphone(which is possible and some people had the misfortune of getting one) it doesn’t mean they all are bad.

    Just enjoy whatever phone you bought.

  • danJones

    Its simple really. Both phones are fantastic examples of what technology giants like Apple and Samsung can create. The very fact they are constantly taking each other to court over patents etc shows how similar they are. Android OS as come on a long way and is as good as iOS now. I have and have been an avid iPhone fan and cannot deny the new $s with iOS5 is very appealing, but when it would cost me £36 a month and over £250 upfront for a 24 month contract on orange, or £25 a month and a free S2 from virgine mobile, the choice is simple! samsung wins because unlike Apple, they price realistically, and I’m Tight!!

  • http://none Masterpiece


  • Bri

    By the way u apple fans dont know that the SGS2 already has a voice recognition system powered by Vlingo free in their phones….Just press the home button twice and you can see it…. thats before Siri and it does all (write and send messages, navigates, writes memos , start ur favourite music and ofcourse CALL )
    So please dont go bragging about Siri……sorry if i sound offensive….
    Iphone is only for those who want to play games and or listen to their music but doing this all alone…. Sometimes it makes you feel they are loners and anti-socializing people who dont want to connect to the world and stay in their own i-cocoon, unlike android and blackberry…take care

  • umair

    Hi i m galxy s2 owner realllly it is better than gf.lolz.i dnt gv time to my gf .so i admit s2 is my gf coz i gv much time to my s2

  • umair

    I got white $2 ..and its screen look biger thn black version i dnt knw y i feel