Samsung Galaxy S IV release date nears, second video teaser launched


    The Galaxy S IV release date is round the corner. Samsung is to uncover the device at a special media event in New York on Thursday, March 14. The company has chosen an individual event for its next flagship phone with a goal to earn more attention. Well, all major Android rivals for the upcoming Galaxy S phone are already released. HTC’s One, which was unveiled at MWC 2013, and Sony’s Xperia Z that came out at CES 2013 might be two strongest Android rivals of the new Samsung phone.

    For sure, next-gen iPhone – either iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 – will be the biggest market rival of the Samsung phone. It has been a trend in market that Samsung always faced off the world’s most famous phone the iPhone from the Android side. However, if we judge things based on the market figures from late last year, nothing more is hopeful for Apple this time. Its iPhone 5 has not been as much a great rival to the Samsung’s Galaxy S3 as its predecessors. So, more than a Galaxy S IV Vs iPhone 5S battle, there will more be an Android handset battle this year.

    Samsung Galaxy S4 – Possible Rivals
    There is a big change in mobile market this year. We have a range of high resolution FullHD (1080p) handsets to appear in stores today. Apart from this factor, all these phones have larger screens, i.e. 5 inches or larger. It certainly heralds a tremendous change in mobile market. In other words, the new lineup of Android phones (flagships of all key tech makers) is more phablets than smartphones.

    To keep pace with the new trend, Samsung has reportedly designed its new Galaxy S phone with a large 4.99-inch display. Further, it is a FullHD Super AMOLED panel that Samsung showed the world at the Consumer Electronics Show. See, this is really a stunning display that is entirely different from the current LCD displays of the same resolution. The firm’s sAMOLED displays have grabbed much attention over the years.

    So, major rivals of the Samsung’s new flagship phone will be the phones that already came to markets with the same potentials. Recently, all prominent tech makers in the world have introduced their models of handsets with the features. Sony, HTC, LG, Huawei, ZTE, Oppo, Sharp, Lenovo and a lot of other firms showed us their variants of the FullHD handsets. Well, what makes these devices different from the former phones are that they have almost the same specs and features inside. So, competition will be farther intensive.

    Regarding these sets of features, Apple’s current iPhone and BlackBerry’s BB OS 10 phones won’t be greater rivals to the Galaxy S4. But, it is not clear what kind of display the next iPhone will have. The current version has a larger 4-inch display (compared to its predecessors). Maybe, Apple may lift it up to 4.5-inch or larger in order to remain as a strong player against the new line of Android phones. Anyway, we have to wait and see what is really going to take place in market this year.

    Samsung has again teased its imminent premium phone with a video. It is a continuation to the company’s previous video announcing its release event in New York. “There’s a promise of at least one more clip at the end, which will likely be released before the unpacked event on Thursday – in case you haven’t had your fair share of bad acting,” says GSM Arena. The device is likely to come with a 1.8GHz or 2GHz quad core processor with the company’s new Octa core Exynos chipset. It will also sport a 13MP rear camera, better battery and many other things as major traits.