BY | November 30, 2012

Again there is a talk of Samsung Galaxy S Advance’s Android Jelly Bean update. Forget Samsung’s previous offer to update the handset by skipping ICS. Samsung Germany has now updated its Facebook page with the news of the Jelly Bean update. The tech firm now says that Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean will land in Galaxy S Advance in January. It will be made available both through the Kies PC software and OTA.

Samsung is about to deliver Jelly Bean to a horde of its legacy models. We can soon expect the firmware in tablets like Galaxy Tab 2 7.0, Tab 2 10.1 and Tab 7.0 Plus and smartphones like S Advance, S II, Note, S II LTE, Galaxy Music, Galaxy Chat, Ace 2, Ace Plus and more. New models like Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Mini II will also get the update soon.

Galaxy S Advance consumers have been desperately looking forward for Jelly Bean. They were quite frustrated to hear nothing from Samsung after its earlier promise to bring JB to the phone skipping ICS. Yes, it was offered to get updated to the firmware leapfrogging the ICS. But, since then there has been no word from the side of the company on it and customers have been keenly waiting for the update.

“It seems Samsung is really keen on keeping its customers happy and bringing the latest software to them,” says GSMArena. It thinks that S Advance’s update to Jelly Bean will also cannibalize some significant sales of the S III Mini in the Europe. “Given that after the update the S Advance will probably cannibalize some of the S III mini sales, the company deserves some recognition for this,” says the mobile blog.

Samsung Galaxy S Advance
The S Advance is one of nice Android handsets from Samsung. It was released in January ‘12 and it came up as a diversion of the company’s former Android flagship, the Galaxy S2. It could get many customers in regions like Europe and Asia. The phone sports a 4-in Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels at 233-ppi. It is equipped with a 1GHz dual core Cortex-A9 processor with STE U8500, 768MB of RAM and a Mali-400MP GPU.

Reviewers took S Advance as a superb phone. Features like a dual core chipset, slick and perfect 4-in Super AMOLED display and MicroSD card slot for memory expansion were often praised. It “is a souped-up version of the Galaxy S that looks like a smaller S2 but packs a curved Super AMOLED screen,” writes CNET. Perhaps, specs of the device may not be tempting, but they are not bad enough not to attract a person who looks for a good mid-market phone now.

“A smartphone that will never live up to the likes of its older Samsung Galaxy S2 sibling or new Samsung Galaxy S3 overlord, the Samsung Galaxy S Advance does its intended job well, providing a mid-market handset that’s more than capable of living up to the former high-end phones coming to the end of their 18 month contracts,” TechRadar says.

Android Jelly Bean 4.1 is now hitting more handsets. Samsung has just upgraded its flagship phone the Galaxy S3 to it. Many more top Android phones are under way getting the update. The list mainly includes the ones like HTC One X and more. The firm is now in efforts to take the firmware to many more handsets in order to let users enjoy the Jelly Bean flavor.

The new Android update is capable to add many more awesome features to the phone. It is certainly one of the best updates of the Google mobile operating system. However, Google has launched yet another update, called Android 4.2 JB. It is not clear if this update will ever come to these kinds of handsets.


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