Samsung Galaxy Note 7 brand destroyed, may cost unprecedented huge sum

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 brand destroyed, may cost unprecedented huge sum

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 brand destroyed, may cost unprecedented huge sum

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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone or phablet was expected to be the best offer from the Korean tech giant. It was expected to put Cupertino based Apple in its place and decimate iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But things have gone horribly wrong for the biggest smartphone maker in the world.

After weeks of humiliation, drubbing, attacks and counter attacks, besides dozens of incidents of Note 7 battery explosions, the tech giant has announced halting the production of its flagship handset that was expected to rule the market.

The company was forced to recall close to two million handsets across the world in the wake of incidents of Galax Note 7 batteries explosions. Many airline companies banned using the beautifully made smartphones on their aircraft giving very bad publicity to the tech giant.


The latest episode with Samsung has badly impacted its Note brand, the best Samsung handsets. There are many analysts who claim that the ‘battery gate’ may destroy the Note brand completely. There is no denying the fact that it was the closest competitor of Apple’s iPhone and gave very tough fight to the Cupertino based company’s top offerings. But this is a thing of past now and the Cupertino based tech giant is seeing many long-term Samsung fans converting into iPhone fans.

The announcement that the company has suspended Note 7 production saw Samsung’s share price plunge by 4 percent. Reports suggest that the company has now permanently suspended production of its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones following reports of fires in replacement devices, according to South Korean media. Latest move is a further setback for the technology giant in the midst of its worst ever phone recall crisis.

Latest reports suggest that the mounting instances of Samsung Note 7 battery explosions had forced the company’s hands in this regard. The Yonhap News Agency reported that Samsung’s decision to halt Note 7 production was done in cooperation with authorities in China and the United States, citing an unnamed source at a Samsung partner company.

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