Samsung Galaxy Note to have edge to edge display


    It is among the most talked about handsets to be introduced in the market in the next few days. Along with Cupertino based Apple’s next generation iPhone this Sammy phablet is making headlines much before its actual arrival in the market.

    To be true, the Note 3 has become so much popular among Android fans that it is hard to envisage life without it for many people who have become its fans due to ease of use and big screen besides of course its S-Pen stylus. Stylus has made using smartphones all the more easy. Its size also looks great to many phablet fans though for many it may be a real turnoff. But for phablet fans its huge size is definitely a plus point. They say this is easy to carry than a tablet of seven or eight inches and almost as easy to use as a tablet. They use it for reading books, news magazines and watching high quality videos.

    The third generation handset, in the meantime, is expected to come with almost 6 inch Full HD display, far more powerful processor, more RAM and 13 mega pixel camera.

    There are indications that the new phablet is likely to come up with a bit more larger display than its predecessor. Plus, in line with the Galaxy S4, it is also to mount a FullHD display panel. As per recent leaks, it is to keep the same design of the S4 as well. As per a SamMobile report, Samsung is to maintain almost equal style and design for all its handsets, and as part of it, the new Note 3 will just look like as a bigger brother of the rocking Galaxy S4. Previously, it was largely expected that the new Note would be built of renewed metal. Another source claimed that it would be sporting a Flexible Display for an awesome and fresh experience for the phablet customers. But, the new reports via the insider sources of SamMobile have suggested that Samsung has not only ditched the Flexible Displays, but has also dropped the metal design for the brand new Note version.

    The handset’s Galaxy S4 design is also becoming a talking point. “Samsung did it again milking, milking and milking the Galaxy S3 (2012) design line! From what he heard internally is that the Galaxy Note III has same design as the Galaxy S4. This is because of the high expected amount,” writes SamMobile. Well, the Samsung gossip blog is almost sure that that the new Note would be looking like the S4 in design. “The bezel of the screen isn’t that thick like previous Note devices, it’s more like the S4,” it added.

    The Note 3 phablet will come with a lot next generation specs. It is reported that the gadget will get its juice from a high performance 2GHz Exynos processor, 2GB RAM and a solid graphical processor. The device will mount a large 5.9-inch 1080p Super AMOLED edge-to-edge display, thus reducing the entire size of the device as much as possible. A fresh Android version along with the TouchWiz UI will be the advantage of the gadget, which is set for official release sometime in June or September. Most of all, like all members of the Note series, the new handset will also highlight the S Pen as the most prominent feature. Note phablet is not just meant for making calls, surfing web or playing games. It is something more than that. As it name suggests the device is the best pick for users, particularly enterprise users to take down brief notes, prepare a mail quickly or compose a dock or presentation at the less time available. In this regard, the new variant of the Note will be again ideal, because it is going to have a bit more large display than both of its predecessors.


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