Samsung Galaxy Note 2 gets multi-window support on US Cellular after AT&T


    It is becoming more desirable with every passing day. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has got multi-window support on US Cellular after AT&T thanks to Android 4.1.4 software update

    For Samsung Galaxy Note 2 lovers this must come as another great news. U.S. Cellular has started rolling out multi-window feature update to their great phablet or smart-phone, whatever you call. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 despite its awkward size –too big at 5.5 inches –is still among the highest rated handset and has been getting very good response in the market since its launch some three months ago.

    AT&T had introduced multi windows software upgrade for hundreds of thousands of the users some time ago and now US Cellular has also followed making the new year eve all the more welcome occasion for the phablet lovers. Korean tech giant Samsung’s Galaxy Note 2 is among the highest selling smart-phones in the market and the company sold as many as five million handsets in merely two months’ time after the launch. For a smart-phone of this size, this is a great achievement and reports suggest that its demand is going up as people come to realize its usefulness.

    Rolling out multi-window feature update by US Cellular became possible thanks to launch of its own Android 4.1.4 software update. The update in the full changelog identifies the baseband version as R950VXALL1, and adds a number of other niceties besides the multi-window software feature. For many people this seems to be a major development. The multi-window feature is something exclusively associated with Samsung devices, though it is limited to select tablets and smartphones. This feature allows users to run different apps through multiple windows all on the same screen. For a huge smart-phone screen of the tablet 2, no one can deny its usefulness.

    A report in Android Community says, “Some of the fixes included where users could not search for image files using the “Search” option in the My Files app, where the device would sometimes toggle between 3G and 1X and for burst mode. The change dealing with burst mode should take care of those times when you used burst mode only to enter the gallery to see black images”. So Galaxy Note is becoming all the more useful for many fans. If you are one of the people waiting to go for it, don’t delay now, go get it.