#SalmanVerdict: Actor gets 2 day bail before beginning 5-year jail term

#SalmanVerdict: Actor gets 2 day bail before beginning 5-year jail term

#SalmanVerdict: Actor gets 2 day bail before beginning 5-year jail term

Mumbai: Salman Khan has finally been delivered a body blow. Not many thought it was coming until a few weeks ago and now his fate seems to have been sealed.

The leading Bollywood actor Salman Khan was convicted in the infamous 2002 hit-and-run case in which a homeless person, sleeping on the pavement, was killed and several others were injured. Reports suggest that the actor was drunk and that he fled the scene immediately after the accident. But the actor has denied these allegations claiming that he never fled the scene and that he was there for around half an hour. He has also said that he was not drunk.

His Toyota Land Cruiser that hit many people sleeping on the pavement outside a bakery in Bandra on September 28, 2002 has proved to be a ghost that continues to haunt him till now.

salman khan hit and run land cruiserDespite the verdict, details of which are yet to come, his fans are rallying behind him. Hashtags like #WeLoveYouSalmanKhan and #SalmanVerdict have been trending on Twitter for the last many hours. He also seems to have faith and support of his fellow Bollywood actors including his bête noir Shah Rukh Khan who also came calling last evening when Sallu came back from Kashmir where he has been shooting for his film.

Salman Khan who is going to be 50 this year is one of the most consistent performer as far as box office hits are concerned. Every year he comes up with at least one or two super hit films.

In the meantime Sessions judge DW Deshpande pronounced the judgement amid tight security around the court where only lawyers, media and court staff were allowed. The actor has said he was not at the wheel at the time of the accident. While the prosecution has insisted that a drunk Khan was driving the SUV that ran over the victims sleeping on the pavement, the actor said his driver Ashok Singh was behind the wheel.

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