Salman Khan signs Rs 5 billion contract with Star India Network


    Salman Khan has reportedly signed Rs 5 billion contract with Star India Network for the next five years. This is first of its kind for any actor from India and there are no chances that any other actor will get such huge deals in the near future.

    By S Ubaid (NVONews.Com)

    Salman, the brat, who was never taken seriously, is on a roll for last several years. He has become sort of phenomenon that no one can ignore. So now everyone wants to be in his good book. It is not because of the fact that he is the bhai of the Indian cinema but because his closeness will bring windfall for those who are around him. So everyone who was close to his bitterest rival in the Indian film industry Shah Rukh Khan are now working hard to become close to Sallu.

    There is a sort of mad rush to be part of his close circle if not of his entourage as Salman is known to benefit his friends and associates even to the extent of going out of his way. So it is no surprise that Star India Network too has tried to rope in the actress and benefit from larger than life brand Salman. A report says that Salman Khan has already signed the agreement with Star India Network. The deal signed earlier this week is valid for five years. It gives the channel exclusive satellite rights to broadcast all films featuring Salman Khan that are released from January 2013 to December 2017. For Salman’s rivals this will be a very bitter pill to digest.

    Earlier there were reports that producers are lining up at Salman Khan’s door to sign him by offering as much as Rs 1 billion per film this was also unheard of so far in the Indian filmdom. Subhash Ghai who had also offerend him the same amount said, “I have signed Salman for my film. Considering Salman’s superstar status and the love that he has got for doing action films, I would be making an action-masala kind of movie. He is Superman Salman. We are working on the script”.

    In the meantime while talking to a leading media outlet about Rs 5 billion deal between Salman and Star a senior Star Gold official Hemal Jhaveri says, “This is a mammoth and a complex deal, which has been chalked out considering Salman’s box office success over the past few years”. For Salman’s admirers there cannot be a better news than this as they will get more of him on silver screen.