Salman Khan marriage on the cards: Lulia Vantur has stolen his heart


    Salman Khan’s marriage is on the cards and the girl who has stolen his heart is none other than his Romanian friend Iulia Vantur. Though she is not the only person who has stolen his heart, there were innumerable others whom he dated, some for months and some for years, but his close friends suggest that Salman Khan was never so serious about tying the knot and settling down.

    Both Salman Khan and Lulia Vantur are being seen together for more than seven months and Sallu bhai’s close friends suggest that the top Bollywood actor is very possessive about her. The two are often seen at a suburban five star hotel almost daily when the actor is in Mumbai and the two seem to be lost in each other’s company.

    Lulia Vantur who came to India on advertising assignments is really, really beautiful. Her personality is mesmerising and very attractive. Her charm and attraction may kill anyone at any moment and there is no surprise why Sallu bhai fell for the Romanian beauty.

    Salman Khan has a long history of dating numerous Bollywood beauties. It is so people are still sceptical as to whether will he really marry the beautiful girl from Romania who has finally taken control of his heart. He has dated most beautiful women on the world belonging to our side of the globe. Aishwarya Rai who has been called the most beautiful girl on earth for a long, long time was his sweetheart for years. Then he seemed to have fallen for another very beautiful gal Katrina Kaif. They both dated for years and it was an open secret that almost everyone knew not just in India, but across the world.

    Now this is for the first time that the biggest Bollywood is so serious for marriage. One of the most successful actors of India’s booming Hindi film industry Salman Khan who is known as a spoilt brat is expected to tie the knot with the Romanian television presenter and actress with whom he is seen almost on a daily basis. For months the two have been seen at a plush five star hotel here in Mumbai on almost daily basis when he is in the city. I am sure the news is going to break millions of hearts in India.

    He is a star who has no parallel in the Indian cinema. Bhai or Sallu bhai as he is commonly called by his friends, his films have done exceedingly well in the past few years is known as the king of the box office as almost every film of this Khan makes at least Rs 150 crore, a rarity even for top Bollywood actors. He is also one of the most sought after television presenter who has hosted top reality shows including Bigg Boss. He reportedly charges around Rs 3-4 crore per episode and people very easily pay him as he brings millions of viewers to his shows that add to TRP of the shows. A report in says that Salman Khan is all set to tie the knot with Armenian blonde Iulia Vantur and both have been in close contact for several years now. Salman was in a long relationship with actress Katrina Kaif but parted ways some two years ago. His fans are joyous and are asking the actor to finally marry Iulia Vantur. Now let’s wait when the dates for engagement and marriage are announced.


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