BY | March 13, 2013

Salman Khan is all prepared to compete with his nemesis Shah Rukh Khan in Dubai where he is set to promote tourism there. It is not only a house in Dubai that Salman Khan is planning to buy but he is expected to be a part of a tourism project in Dubai. Ahemm… following your arch rival SRK’s footsteps by buying a house there?

It is said that Salman loves the Emirate and goes there often making the tourism there flourish with his bit.

A developer of this project reportedly said that talks are on with Dabangg Khan but he seems to be thinking about it as no concrete decision has come in yet. Salman was in Dubai a few days back, the developer stated. It was in 2012 that the project was announced and it will be built in Dubai, Salman loves this place.

A press interaction had taken place recently and both Salman and Sohail Khan could not hide their love for Dubai.

Salman had even made a statement like, if it was not for work then rather than staying in Mumbai, Salman would have been staying in Dubai.

Dabangg Khan is not the only one to be associated with a real estate project, couple of years back, Shah Rukh Khan had also launched Shah Rukh Khan Boulevard, which proudly sits on Dana Island off the Ras Al Khaimah coast.

Our King Khan had stated that Shah Rukh Khan Boulevard was a tribute to UAE for appreciating Bollywood. This project has due to reasons unknown put on a hold.

Next in queue was Deepike Padukone, who was the face of Aspire Real Estate, the project is now defunct. Then it was the Bachachan couple in news for buying a place for their daughter Aradhya but they later denied the report. This means that if Salman’s project takes off then it will be the first successful project initiated by a Bollywood actor. Wah Sallu mia, now that is some serious news. We hope it picks up as planned.

There has been a strong connection between Bollywood and international tourism. A certain country when gets endorsed by our actor, there are unparalleled shooting rights given to the actor in return by the country for endorsing it. This means that Salman’s movies will have scenes from Dubai, two reasons, he simply loves this place and Dubai will provide him a free will to shoot.

Salman’s film Mental was being shot in Dubai and it was during this that he met with the developers of the tourism project. The project Salman is seriously contemplating is Dubailand.

This also makes Salman the latest celeb to endorse an international destination.

What we can see out of this is that Dabangg Khan is following the King Khan off late. Whatever SRK has done in the past seems to be coming Sallu’s way. Probably it is due to the popularity Salman is enjoying these days. Afterall he has surpassed SRK in popularity charts these days and has clinched the numero uno spot in the industry. What needs to be seen now is that the way SRK’s project in Dubai got halted, will the same happen to Dubailand. Don’t know but Salman atleast give your nod to it.


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