Saeed Ajmal’s doosra: Bend it if England likes it!


    Enland talks of anlgle when they should learn the lines, says S Ahmad of NVONews.Com

    Saeed Ajmal has done what no other bowler could to do England team. Not that, he took ten wickets in the first Test and forced England to lose by ten wickets in Dubai. It is his action, particularly when he bowls the doosra that has forced the England team and media to read angles.

    Before talking about cricket a bit of mathematics. You learn about lines before learning about angles. While the English media is puzzled by the angle of Saeed Ajmal’s doosra, their batsmen should know about the line to play such deliveries.

    Interesting Saeed Ajmal’s teesra is not being questioned because that is not taking wickets.

    Former England captain in particular and English media in general have started questioning Saeed Ajmal’s action while he bowls the deadly doosra. They are claiming that Ajmal is bending his arm while bowling the doosra beyond the permitted angle of 15 degrees.

    Bob Willis in the midst of first Test when Saeed teased and tossed Kevin Pietersen, said that it was only Saeed Ajmal who was threatening England. According to him, ‘the authorities are now allowing these mystery spinners, unorthodox off spinners to bend their elbow to a degree’. Mr. Willis is referring to the 15 degree angle here.

    He is quite scared of it as he thinks that the doosra was the delivery Englan batsmen were struggling with. He thinks that they would need to teach their young bowlers to bowl like Saeed Ajmal as well. And then he adds that it was going to be controversial. And then the controversy really started.

    Former Pakistan Test off spinner and the accredited doosra inventor Saqlain Mushtaque says that it is for the International Cricket Council (ICC) and not for the former England captain Bob Willis to decide whether the Ajmal’s doosra was legal or not because according to Saqlain Willis is not an authority to judge the legality of Ajmal’s doosra.

    It is really strange that 34years old Ajmal was never called for bowling any illegal deliveries for so long, still doubts are being raised against him. That too, after England lost the game, which is a threat to their number one position. Interestingly, Ajmal has played county cricket and no player, umpire or cricket writer found anything wrong in his doosra.

    England captain Andrew Strauss though have said that he had no problem with Ajmal’s action but his coach Andy Flower is non committal in saying anything like that.

    Andy does not say anything for or against, which means that he is keeping his option open. He says that their job was to deal with whatever bowler bowled against and it was ICC’s job to monitor the action of the bowler.

    However Andy says that he had his own private views and talking about them there and then wasn’t going to help any situation.

    Saeed has got obvious support from his coach Mohsin Khan and former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram too. Akram has lambasted the English media and said that English batsmen should learn how not to play across the line rather than criticizing Saeed Ajmal’s action.

    Former Pakistan coach and Aussie fast bowler Geoff Lawson too is confident that Ajmal’s action is alright. He says that bowlers can bend their arm up to 15 degrees. He had done a test on Ajmal’s action and I was between five to ten degrees. Later the ICC gave its approval.

    Lawson says that he is not ready to accept the views of those who feel that his success is because he bends the arm beyond that is allowed. According to him, ‘the reality is that he has fantastic doosra’.

    Even former Sri Lankan great offie Muttiah Muralitharan was accused of wrong action and there was huge controversy when one of the Australian umpires started declaring his balls as no balls.


    1. and there was huge controversy when one of the Australian umpires started declaring his balls as no balls.

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