Ronda Rousey medical suspension: Did she undergo plastic surgery in Melbourne?

Ronda Rousey medical suspension: Did she undergo plastic surgery in Melbourne?

Ronda Rousey medical suspension: Did she undergo plastic surgery in Melbourne?

Ronda Rousey was the most important UFC fighter just a week ago. But this past Saturday things changed dramatically when she was beaten badly by a former boxing champion Holly Holm whose flying kick in the second round of UFC 193 saw the champ lose her belt.

Ronday Rousey, in the meantime seems to be recuperating from the severe beating she received at the hands of someone who was being called an unequal challenger. Ever since Ronda Rousey vs Holly Holm fight was announced, she was the one who was underdog and no one gave her even a faint chance of success against the champion of the champions.

Now the former champion has to remain out of the octagon for the next six months as she has been placed under compulsory suspension by the UFC officials. While initial reports suggested that she didn’t suffer any major injuries, there are reports that she might have suffered a head injury. But it will only confirm after her CT scan.

Now there are rumors that if Ronda Rousey remain unavailable for the rematch with Holy Holm in the next one year, the Holm may have to fight UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier instead. While talking with Colin Cowhed, Cormier said that Rousey who lost the belt in the UFC 193 against Holly Holm will not be available for the rematch for as long as one year. She went on to add, “Holly Holm looked like a world-beater on Saturday…Going forward, they’re talking about an immediate rematch for Ronda Rousey? The improvements Ronda needs to make will take much longer than the six-month break she’s anticipating. She needs a year or so. I would actually not fight her back again, if I was Team Rousey.”

The medical suspension for six months is a long time indeed. According to the New York Post, the medical suspensions are usually run by state athletic commissions that regulate fights. It must be noted that the suspension is very serious in nature. The six-month suspension is the most severe suspension imposed by the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) for health reasons of fighters. However, Rousey could return to the octagon sooner than expected depending on the results of a CT Scan, which can more easily diagnose problems such as trauma and musculoskeletal disorders. In the first one and half month she will not have to do anything and take lots of rest. In the meantime UFC boss has said that Randa Rousey will be a complete savage when she makes her comeback. But he didn’t tell as to how long it is going to take.

In the meantime a report in the Inquisitr says, “UFC president Dana White said the damage to Ronda Rousey’s face is fairly extensive. She was transferred to a hospital in Melbourne, Australia, for a split lip, but doctors reportedly said she may need plastic surgery for her face. When Rousey landed in Los Angeles, she covered up her face with a hood and sunglasses, and used a pillow to block any shots from photographers swarming the LAX airport”

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