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Ronda Rousey Medical Suspension: Why was she hiding her face at Los Angeles Airport?

Ronda Rousey Medical Suspension: Why was she hiding her face at Los Angeles Airport?

Ronda Rousey Medical Suspension: Why was she hiding her face at Los Angeles Airport?

Notwithstanding the fact that Ronda Rousey’s medical suspension is for a period of six months, the former UFC champion may come out of it within four months or even less. Depending upon the sort of injuries she has suffered, it will be decided as to when the 28-year old fighter will make her comeback in the octagon.

While Dana White has said that she will make a ferocious comeback following the gap, he hasn’t said a word as to when she will be making a comeback.

Despite many people writing her mixed martial art obituary, not many people are in doubt she is going to make a great comeback in the UFC. She has won many title fights and a single loss cannot dent her image as a dependable fighter who can win several title fights in a row.

Nonetheless Holly Holm has created a sort of history by winning titles both in the boxing and mixed martial art. Holm has held several welterweight boxing titles, and has been highly regarded as one of the best female welterweights in the world. The 35-year old athlete has also been named Ring Magazine female Fighter of the Year, twice in consecutive years in 2005 and 2006. She is a big draw in her home town of Albuquerque, having all but 3 of her fights there and just one of her fights outside of her home state of New Mexico.

It is merely a week since she won the UFC 139, but Holly Holm is already talking about a rematch. Earlier reports suggested that damage to Ronda Rousey’s face is fairly extensive. This was told to the media by none other than UFC boss Dana White. Reports suggest that the ex champ was actually taken to a hospital in Melbourne, Australia, for a split lip, but doctors reportedly said she may need plastic surgery for her face.

Later when the ex champion, who is also a reality star and a well-known face in Hollywood, landed in Los Angeles, she covered up her face with a hood and sunglasses, and used a pillow to block any shots from photographers swarming the LAX airport.

Meanwhile given the fact that people like Donald Trump and Lady Gaga have attacked the ex champ, her vanquisher, Holly Holm, defended her saying she is a great fighter and has proved it repeatedly in the past. “She’s been pretty vocal in her career, so I think it’s easier for people to want to pick at things…I think she’s strong enough. She can handle that, but I hope people don’t get too brutal with it” said Holm while talking about it.

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