Ron Paul 2012: The outlier presidential candidate


    By Shafey Danish (NVONews.Com)

    Ron Paul is something of an extremist even in the Republican Party, which is filled with extremists for 2012 US Presidential elections. But you would not be able to make this out from his bearing. Paul is all about old world conservatism (he is 76), family and freedom. Many of his views – like those opposing America’s sprawling military engagements – are music to progressive ears, while others charm the hardliners in the tea party.

    His economic views are similarly extreme. He wants the Fed abolished, would prefer the taxes to be zero, and wants the gold standard restored. So who exactly is Ron Paul?

    Ron Paul is the son of a German immigrant who ran a small diary business near Pittsburg. He inherited the ethic of ‘work and church’ in the basement of his father’s house, where he and his brothers assisted in the family business identifying milk bottles that had not been properly washed.

    When he grew up, Paul briefly considered becoming a Lutheran minister, but choose medicine instead. He graduated from the Duke Medical University, and in the beginning of his career, when he starting his residency, he was drafted in the US airforce as a surgeon. He served in the Army from 1963 to 1965. After he was discharged from service, he moved to Texas to practice Obstetrics. He continues to practice to this day, alongside his political career.

    While still a surgeon, he developed a passion for economics, and that became a turning point in his life. He read through Austrian economics, the doctrine that acts as a counterweight to Keynesian economics. Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged, and Boris Pasternak’s Dr Zhivago were two other important influences. Both speak of the evils of too much government, albeit from different points of view.

    In 1971 when President Richard Nixon closed the ‘gold window’, marking the complete departure of the dollar from the gold standard, Paul decided it was time to enter politics.

    From 1976 onwards he has served as a congressman, continuously since 1997 as representative from Texas 14th congressional district. Throughout his political career he has continued to espouse views that are getting so much attention now. Even Paul Krugman, one of the most trenchant critics of Republicans, concedes Ron Paul has been consistent (though he adds this consistency is in the face of facts that directly contradicts Paul’s positions. “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds” he says quoting Emerson).

    That brings us nicely to the point where we can enumerate Paul’s views, and we will choose the most outrageous ones. Ron Paul is a strong advocate of small government. To the point that he believes that the government should have no role in deciding what the individual should do, if it does not harm anyone else. That is why Ron Paul is strongly against gun control, and drug war.

    Paul also wants to dismantle the welfare state because he believes that any kind of policy that takes from one to give to another is stealing. He wants the taxes to be as low a possible, and to achieve this he is willing to dismantle the military industrial complex and bring all the soldiers home. America has close to a thousand bases around the world.

    Paul has dramatic views on economic policy, which he has made a central part of his presidential campaign. He believes in what is called Austrian school of economics. Accordingly, as mentioned earlier, he wants the US to return to the gold standard immediately. He also believes that the Fed has become an instrument of supplying money to the already moneyed. Therefore he wants the Fed to be abolished. According to Paul printing more money would lead to inflation which in turn would harm the common folks.

    He also believes in the efficacy of the free market. The current crisis Paul believes has been caused by crony capitalism, and not free markets.

    He is absolutely against anything that will increase the size of the government, therefore he routinely votes against any kind of deficit spending. Which makes him vote against his own party every time that support a deficit funded budget, which is most of the time

    For most of his political career, Ron Paul was not taken seriously. But as the great recession of 2007-2009 set in, many more started paying attention to his ideas. Now that he has won the third place in the republican primary in Iowa, and is second in polls in New Hampshire polls, its seems America needs to take him and his views a lot more seriously.


    1. The federal reserve is a constant transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich. It is the reason the poor get poorer and the rich get richer.

      It’s also the source of power for the corporations in our society, as the corporations(the rich) get the newly created money in the form of loans, which then “trickles” down to the people. Of course, the way it “trickles” is all decided by the corporations and those who do not support the status quo and become “yes men” are cut off the trickle.

      The private central bank of England(What the fed is) was one of the primary reasons we even had the revolutionary war. As the founding fathers seen it for the theft it was.

      Here’s a crash course on fractional banking systems(what we have today). If you had any clue to the amount of wealth being stolen from the people from this system, you would be absolutely outraged.

    2. Ron Paul’s policies would do nothing to stem the tide of corporate influence. A Ron Paul presidency would result in furthering the corporate state-controlled fascism that is the trajectory of current US federal polity.

    3. Hello,
      Thanks for the informative article on Ron Paul. Over here in America the press slanders him and tries to make him out as a kook because they are afraid of him. He is the only one who would make dramatic changes to cut useless departments in government, give the people back their freedom, balance the budget and be friendly to business’. He will get rid of useless regulations that were bought by corporations from corrupt politicians that serve only to give them monopolies and eliminate competition. It is outrageous.

      He has been the only truly honest Politician in the U.S. for many years and for that the Congress and Senate hate him.

      He wants to follow the constitution. Since 1913 when the federal reserve was instituted along with federal taxes, outrageously that gave banks control of the United States monetary system. The people were sold out by President Woodrow Wilson. It was downhill from there. Even the so called good Presidents (with the exception of Kennedy-and look what happened to him) have been shredding the constitution.

      Central banks are bank monopolies whose goal is to control governments through finances and unfortunately that is what it has come to. Free people do not have central banks.

      The original plan was for the government to print all the money it needed to run (at that time on the gold standard) and the people were supposed to be able to borrow without interest! They started on the road to destroying a free republic when they instituted the federal reserve.

      Unfortunately when you have something good you tend to take it for granted and the American people were totally sleeping just living their lives not paying attention to the government. BIG MISTAKE!

      Another issue here also is that the main stream media is so corrupt, no matter which side liberal or conservative they put a slant on stories to try to influence us and eliminate stories completely that we need to know. Example is the 2012 NDDA (National Defense Authorization Act)
      President Obama signed it on New years eve and it was overwhelmingly voted for in the senate and congress which is taking away people’s rights. It says that the military can arrest U.S citizens anywhere in the world including here for suspicion of terrorist activities, lock them up with no lawyer available and indefinitely. This is huge! People are outraged.

      But guess what, non of our main stream media reported it or are talking about it. So the people that don’t use the internet have no idea.

      There is going to be a national protest of this Bill on February 3rd and I just hope enough people come out because this government is out of control. Next they are trying to censor our internet with the SOPA bill. Evil is starting to show it’s ugly head.

      Our government has been infiltrated by what they call Democratic Progressives which are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are closet socialists verging on communism. They intentionally decieve the people by naming their laws the opposite of what they actually are (ie Federal Reserve- people didn’t even know that it is not part of the government, Patriot Act – not patriotic -controlling and manipulative)

      The American People are waking up now, thank God. I just hope that enough people care to get their freedom restored. The (“Department of Education”) public schools indoctrinate children against patriotism and don’t teach the history of the United States.

      Ron Paul is for the People, period. The establishment hates him and does not want him elected. He has all the young people and the military but so far the press is doing a good job of telling everyone he is not electable. They use his foreign policy and play it like he will not keep our country safe because he wants us to be non interventionist which the majority of Americans want also. The press represents him as “isolationist” which is not true. He just wants us to treat other nations the way we would like to be treated.

      Our warmongering corrupt military industrial complex is fighting hard to discredit him.

      The frontrunner Romney seems sincere so if he winds up being the nominee the only hope would be Dr. Paul trying to negotiate with him to enact some of his plans for his endorsement. The people who want Ron Paul will not vote for anyone else and he will not endorse anyone who does not have the same ideals.

      Wish us luck. The people of the world are not enemies and I wish we could get that message to everyone to tell them not to go to war unless directly attacked. The American people have lost control of our country and our reputation around the world has been so tarnished for years because of our unchecked out of control government. For that I am sorry.

      So many people did not realize that freedom is not free and we have to always be on our guard from people who want to take it away. I guarantee that freedom is in the heart of every american and we will fight hard to get it back totally.

      We do need Ron Paul and I hope we can get him. Either way Obama has to go. He is a total nightmare. The next election cannot come fast enough.

      A correction about Ron Paul – he will not implement the gold standard right away. Pretty much everything else you said is correct but he is not extreme, the people in power are the extreme ones.He just wants to stick to the Constitutiion, they don’t. They make excuses that the constitution is outdated so they can consolidate their power. He wants people to get back to being independent and taking care of themselves which we want. He wants to bring our troops home from all the stations around the world. America is not supposed to be an empire and the people don’t want to be, the majority of americans don’t want to stick our noses in everybody else’s business. He wants true capitalism where business’ have the chance to provide a service or goods in the free market and the consumers decide if that product or service is viable.
      He will get rid of all these regulations that are strangling our businesses and the health care bill (obamacare). this bill just serves to make insurance companies more money and penalizes companies and individuals who don’t want to by insurance (ie. young people) Believe me i am in the healthcare business and this bill will not provide universal health care. Insurance companies are evil and they always look for ways to not pay the doctors or hospitals. They pay a fraction of whatever is billed (about one tenth) or not at all. They are killing Doctors and medicine in the u.s.

      So if we are lucky and Ron Paul gets on the ticket we will have to watch out that nothing happens to him and we have to be vigilant in making sure the election is not corrupted.

      Please don’t believe our mainstream media. They are in at least the 5% with their high salaries and prestigious positions and they think they are elite. To me that just makes them inferior.

    4. What part of being against decades long deficit spending is extreme. The Spend-aholic Congress was and is causing harm to most people. Who stops them if not Ron Paul? Only the creditors.

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