Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart break Up complete, dating, marriage unlikely


    This is once again going to disappoint their fans across the world. Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart break Up is complete and their dating again or marriage not likely

    Well the Twilight couple has undergone a spilt, yet again. The rumors were confirmed after Robert Pattinson moved out of Kristen Stewart’s Los Feliz, California based house bag-baggage and dogs literally.

    The  bystanders on the road leading to the house where the couple was living-in together were in for a treat when they spotted Robert Pattinson removing a truckload of his belongings, in addition to his two dogs Bear and Bernie, from Kristen Stewart’s house. While the dogs were in the passenger seat of his red truck, the suitcases and several trash bags were dumped in the back.

    It may be recalled that the couple had earlier split in December  when reports of Kristen having an affair with her Snow White And The Huntsman director Rupert Sanders surfaced. The couple moved back again after they confessed to unable to live without each other.

    According to the sources, Pattinson have not gotten over Kristen’s cheating yet. In n interview, a source close to Pattinson said: “All this stuff came up. The pair, began fighting after the British actor blew off a birthday party planned in his honor by Stewart, 23. Dating for about three years, the Twilight costars bickered about the cheating, about how selfish she always is, about how moody she always is.

    Meanwhile the insiders are claiming that close friend Perry, who recently partied with Pattinson in New York and at the Coachella Music Festival was the reason behind the split. The duo was recently pictured together following the MET Gala Costume Ball together in New York, without Kristen who walked the red carpet. They also partied together on May 9 ahead of the star’s birthday in Los Angeles again without Kristen.

    “Apparently the closeness made Kristen insecure as Katy was her friend first, but she gets on with Rob brilliantly. It’s clear to everyone that Rob’s got a bit of a crush on Katy and she totally plays up to it,” maintained a close friend of the couple.


    1. Good thing Rob moved out. A man like him don’t deserve a woman who just cheats on him. Good job, Rob. ♥
      Rob+Katy= looking forward to it. 😀 kekeke

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