Rick Perry for president, Governor best suited to take on Obama

Rick Perry for president, Governor best suited to take on Obama

Many experts believe that Texas Governor Rick Perry is best placed to take on Obama for US president’s job

GOP presidential candidate and Texan Governor Rick Perry is making sure his donors srick to him. Analysts have discovered that all his major donors enjoy hefty contracts or appointments. However, Perry’s aides are vigorously in their denial of any such favoritism.

Perry’s political career has run on the shoulders of mega donors like Dallas billionaire Harold Simmons. He alone has contributed the governor $1.12 million in recent years in exchange of rich benefits in Texas during Perry’s tenure..

Analysts came down to shortlist a total of 150 individuals and couples who donated Perry a total of $37 million over the last decade. This translates into more than a third of the $102 million he had raised through December.

When questioned, Perry declined to comment on the issue. His aides vehemently denied any such connection.

Mark Miner, his spokesperson, said, “They get the same thing that all Texans get.

However, numbers and findings hint that the picture emerging might well be very much true. Simmons won permission to build a low-level radioactive waste disposal site in Texas. This coveted permission will now earn him hundreds of millions of dollars.

And as auto magnate B.J. “Red” McCombs contributed $400,000, he has become the primary financial backer for a Formula One racetrack to be built near Austin. The perk – the project is entitled to receive $25 million a year in subsidies.

Another lucky donor James Dannenbaum gave $320,000 and in return received multiple transportation contracts from the state, besides being appointed in the University of Texas’ board of regents.

In return for a donation of $165,000, Joe Sanderson received a $500,000 grant to open a chicken hatchery and processing plant in Waco. Numbers speak volumes here.

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