Richard Lee Norris: Girl meets the man with her brother’s face

Richard Lee Norris: Girl meets the man with her brother’s face

Richard Lee Norris: Girl meets the man with her brother’s face  

Richard Lee Norris is a lucky man. At least right now. The man who had badly disfigured his face after a gunshot wound some seventeen years ago was living the life of recluse, never willing to show his face that was damaged beyond any iota of imagination.

But now he can venture out of his home and mingle with people anywhere without ever giving away any idea that he had suffered such a terrible tragedy. But this comes after a family donated their young son’s face following his death in a car accident.

Richard Lee Norris is the first person who has been given a full face transplant. This past week when Rebekah Aversano met the 39-year old man, she couldn’t control her tears. This man despite having her brother’s face was actually not her emory university atlanta

21-year-old Joshua lost his life three years ago in 2012 following a car accident. His family decided to donate his face to Richard Lee Norris for what was the world’s most extensive face transplant at the time.

It was the first time that Joshua’s sister met the man who was given her brother’s face. The two recently met as part of a segment for 9News Australia’s “60 Minutes” television show. It was the first time that the girl saw the man who has been given her brother’s face.

The video that has been released by 9News has gone viral and has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people in a matter of hours. The girl who was visibly shaken by seeing the 39-year old man asked Norris to touch his face and said she felt like it was the one she’d grown up with.

She is not the only member of her family to have met Norris. Joshua’s mother, Gwen Aversano, has also met Norris. She says that her family agreed together to donate the 21-year-old’s face and that it provided Norris with a healthy new face from scalp to neck, including teeth, tongue, nerves and soft tissue that mostly function like a normal face.

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