Who won the debate tonight: Republican Presidential hopefuls fight, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz impress

Who won the debate tonight: Republican Presidential hopefuls fight, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz impress

Who won the debate tonight: Republican Presidential hopefuls fight, Jeb Bush, Ted Cruz impress

Who among the Republican leaders actually won the debate? This is not a question of black or white and different people may have different opinions about it.

Nonetheless two Republican leaders who impressed the most tonight were none other than Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush. While Bush impressed people with his very measured and impressive answers, Ted impressed by taking the bull by its horns.

He attacked Donald Trump and forced him on backfoot. While talking during the fiery debate, Cruz said, “At the end of the day, the legal issue is quite straightforward…I would note that the birther theories that Donald has been relying on, some of the more extreme ones insist that you must not only be born on U.S. soil but have two parents born on U.S. soil.” He went on to emphasize the fact that he is a U.S. citizen because his mother was an American citizen at the time of his birth. Cruz said if he was to be disqualified as president, so would Trump. “Donald’s mother was born in Scotland. She was naturalized,” Cruz exclaimed. “But I was born here,” Trump fired back.

This is without doubt the best show by Cruz. Cruz tried to reason why Trump is attacking him and said that Trump’s birther attacks stemmed from his rising poll numbers in Iowa. Trump acknowledged that he was bringing up the issue “because [Cruz] is doing a little bit better.” But Trump warned: “There is a big question mark on your head. And you can’t do that to the party….you have to have certainty.”
On the other hand Bush showed that he can also be a good debator. It is his second great show in a row. Bush’s campaign is struggling but the former Florida Governor had a fairly strong debate, due in part to Trump (mostly) turning his attention to Cruz. His answers on gun control were on point and he had more energy than in previous debates. But while his rebuttal to Trump’s “no Muslims” ban were reasoned and sensible, it also showed the divide between himself and the rest of the GOP field.

The new year seems to have begun for Rand Paul on a terrible note. He has been removed from the main Republican presidential primary debate set to be held tonight and has been demoted to the undercard.

He is furious and has been arguing that his removal from the main card is unjustified. To his millions of fans and followers too it seems insane that their favorite leader has been barred from the main debate.

Rand Paul has appeal far beyond core Republican support base. He has repeatedly asked GOP to expand from its core support base. While talking at the GOP Freedom Summit in April 2014, Paul went on to add that the GOP needs to broaden its appeal in order to grow as a party. He further said that the GOP cannot be the party of “fat cats, rich people and Wall Street”.rand paul

During another such meet he said that Republicans must give a message of justice and concern for the unemployed and be against government surveillance to attract new people to the movement, including the young, Hispanics, and blacks.

Nonetheless his rhetoric seems to have fallen on deaf ears. If you have followed previous Republican debates you must be aware of what they think about Hispanics. What Donald Trump said about Mexicans a few months ago cannot be simply wished away.

Despite Rand Paul’s protests Fox Business doesn’t seem to have listened to him. Now it is uncertain if he will attend the undercard debate.

Fox Business Network will air the main debate at 8 p.m. CST. The pre-debate will be held at 5 p.m. CST. Now it is certain that the debate will include Donald Trump, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Florida Senator Marco Rubio; former neurosurgeon Ben Carson; New Jersey Governor Chris Christie; former Florida Governor Jeb Bush; and Ohio Governor John Kasich. The names of hosts of the two debates have been announced. The debate will be hosted by Anchor/Managing Editor of Business News, Neil Cavuto and Anchor/Global Markets Editor, Maria Bartiromo. The earlier debate will be moderated by anchors Trish Regan and Sandra Smith.

Airs on: Fox Business Network – (DirecTV – channel 359); (Dish Network – channel 206); (ATT U-verse – channel 211) – or click here to check the channel finder for your area.

You can watch the live streaming of the debate on FoxBusiness.com or you can watch via the Fox News app.

Moderators: Neil Cavuto and Editor Maria Bartiromo will moderate the main debate while Sandra Smith and Trish Regan will moderate undercard

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