Red Equal Sign Facebook, Twitter campaign has backers like Jon Tester, Chris Coons


    This must be the most successful non-commercial social media campaigns. Red Equal Sign Facebook, Twitter campaign has backers like Jon Tester, Chris Coons besides many others

    Red Equal-Sign on Facebook and Twitter seems to have completely taken over both the social networking sites. While Facebook seems completely packed with Red equal sign, Twitter too has its fair share of these signs and texts detailing these signs and their significance.

    Initially many people thought that these signs are some sort of jokes, but later they understood that these were being used to denote the solidarity of the people who advocated same sex marriage. The case is under consideration in the Supreme Court in United States of America and this is a way to show that an overwhelmingly large part of the US population actually wants this to be allowed and legalized. So far only nine states across the United States allow gay marriage and the rest of the states have either banned it or considering it.

    Last year during his re-election campaign for White House President Obama lent his active support to the gay community and their right to marry legally across the US. But so far it hasn’t been of much help as states after states have opted to ban it.

    Red Equal Sign is a campaign promoted by none other than Human Rights Campaign, an organization in support of gay marriage and I must accept that this was a hell lot of successful campaign on social media. A report while talking about the initiative says, “In a Facebook post today, the HRC asked gay marriage supporters to “paint the town red,” wearing red in their wardrobe as well on their Facebook pages, changing profile photos over to the HRC “=” logo. The idea has even caught the eyes of Congress, with 13 members showcasing the symbol, according to Ryan Beckwith”.

    Several US politicians have also used the sign to show their support for the Red Equal Sign campaign. Several U.S. Senators have opted to change their profile picture with this sign and the ones who have done this include Chris Coons, Al Franken, Mazie Hirono, Frank Lautenberg, Bob Menendez, Chris Murphy, Patty Murray, Bernie Sanders, Brian Schatz, Jean Shaheen, Jon Tester, Mark Warner and Elizabeth Warren, besides of course Senator Jon Tester, D-Mont who was actually the first one to do that.