Yolanda Foster exaggerating Lyme disease affliction, says ex husband David

Yolanda Foster exaggerating Lyme disease affliction, says ex husband David

Yolanda Foster exaggerating Lyme disease affliction, says ex husband David

He was with her for around a decade. For five years they lived together as a couple and were later married. Now as they have separated, the truth of their love life is coming out pretty fast.

While Yolanda Foster has never said a word against her husband, her close friends claim that she never spoke a word against him. On the contrary she gave an impression that they were deeply in love and took care of each other.

But this picture of bonhomie is coming apart merely days after their divorce.
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David Foster has now claimed that Yolanda Foster is not suffering from Lyme disease as she is making the world believe. He says that the reality star is actually exaggerating her illness.

It has been well documented that Yolanda Foster has been fighting Lyme disease for three years and there are reports that her divorce with David might have been caused by the disease. Insiders close to David, 66, hat Yolanda, 51, has never gotten a second opinion from a good doctor since her original diagnosis. For her part, The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star claims that she remained bed-ridden for most part of the last year but David is unsure about the seriousness of her illness.

Nonetheless her friends claim that the claim is wrong and “The sickness is very real and not fake.” The reality TV star, who is the mother of Gigi, 20, Bella, 19, and Anwar, 16, recently talked in detail about her relationship with David on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, admitting that the Lyme Disease played a part in their breakup. “Unfortunately it was not strong enough to withstand the circumstances that came our way,” she candidly told the host.

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