Rand Paul detained on refusing TSA pat down at Nashville airport


    TSA pat down created another scene and reportedly ended with Rand Paul being detained before being released at Nashville airport. In the ensuing confrontation where Rand Paul refused pat down, he not just missed his flight, but also missed a planned meeting in Washington DC where he was the main speaker.

    The incident is going to become an important issue in the coming days as his father Ron Paul renews attack on invasive pat down procedure by US Transportation Security Administration. The US Presidential candidate who is seeking nomination from Republican Party has been a fierce opponent of such stringent security checks at the airport that have become embarrassing for many people.

    A report while talking about the screening at the US airports says, “The machine captures an image of your naked self, including your genitals, and sends the image to an agent in a separate room. I don’t object to stringent security (as you will soon see), but I do object to meaningless security theater (Bruce Schneier’s phrase), and I believe that we would be better off if the TSA focused its attentions on learning the identity and background of each passenger, rather than on checking whether passengers are carrying contraband (as I suggested in this article, it is possible for a moderately clever person to move contraband through TSA screenings with a fair amount of ease, even with this new technology)”.

    When Republican Senator Rand Paul had refused pat down he was taken out of the airport security area in Nashville,Tennessee. His father Ron Paul who is known as the biggest advocate of personal security has made scathing attack at the TSA and the hyper sensitive security apparatus in the US.

    Rand Paul too had been very vocal in opposing the harsh security checks at the US airports and after the incident when a 6 year old girl was taken for a patdown, he criticized the officials. “This isn’t to say that we don’t believe in safety procedures…But I think I feel less safe because you’re doing these invasive exams on a six-year-old. It makes me think you’re clueless that you think she’s going to attack our country and that you’re not doing your research on the people who would attack our country”, said Rand Paul.