Amnesty, rehabilitation deal for Maoists in Jharkhand


    Karnal (Haryana) (ANI): In yet another incident of corporal punishment, a drunken teacher thrashed a student in Haryana”s Karnal District leaving him with a broken hand.

    The teacher Bheem Singh, reportedly, reached the High School in Hasanpur village in a drunken state and beat Satwinder, a student of Class Six.

    The agitated villagers locked the entrance of the school gate following which the police was called and the teacher was taken into custody.

    “Bheem Singh has broken the student”s hand. We got this information. We have sent the child to the hospital for medical check up and taken the teacher under custody. We have called both the parties and accordingly we will do the proceedings,” said Param Singh, a police official.

    The student victim said that he was brutally beaten up.

    “I don”t know the reason, he beat me without any reason. He was drunk. I did not do anything, but he kept twisting my hand,” said Satwinder.

    The villagers complained that the accused teacher would often turn up in drunken state.

    “He is always drunk. It”s not about today, he is always drunk. Staff is useless. Two three years ago, there was a better staff and the school was running properly, but now it has got worse,” said Vishal, a villager. (ANI)