Rajasthan banks on 11 schemes to empower people


    Jaipur, (IANS) Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has declared 11 schemes as flagship programmes in the state to help specific target groups, like people below the poverty line, children, women and farmers and empower them into social inclusion.

    “The common people are being provided relief through these schemes. No deficiencies will be tolerated in the implementation of these schemes,” Chief Minister Gehlot said in a statement to make the 68.6 million people of Rajasthan aware of the programmes.

    Earier seven areas were covered under these schemes: Free medicine, food security, rural housing, affordable housing, mother and child protection, guaranteeing public services and life protection for those below the poverty line.

    Now, four more have been added to them: The Right to Hearing Act, 2012, free livestock medicine scheme, urban below poverty line housing scheme and another to waive interest on farm loans if they are returned by the due date.

    Officials said the government has ensured that the systems are in place to implement the schemes in a transparent manner. Chief Secretary C.K. Mathew reviews their progress at the administrative level and ministers-in-charge oversee them at district levels.

    “Instructions have been given to the concerned departments for close monitoring of their implementation and giving information about physical and financial progress in a time-bound manner to the planning department,” an official said.

    “Some of these schemes are aimed at benefiting every resident of Rajasthan — the free medicine scheme, for example, is catering to 200,000 people daily. In the one year since implementation on Oct 2 last year, 70 million have availed it at distribution centres.”

    Similarly, the official added, the housing schemes for the rural and urban poor has the ambitious task of providing a roof to all the needy and fulfil their dreams of owning their own house.