Rafael Dos Anjos vs Anthony Pettis: UFC 185 fight highlights and results (video)

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Anthony Pettis: UFC 185 fight highlights and results (video)

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Anthony Pettis: UFC 185 fight highlights and results (video)  

Rafael Dos Anjos is mostly an underdog. He is rarely front runner. But like on many occasions, this time again he proved to the world that being an underdog is an advantage for her. This is not a disadvantage.

In the much feted fight between him and the reigning champion (now finally deposed) Anthony Pettis he was again an underdog and many people thought that Anthony Pettis will actually overwhelm rather easily.

That it didn’t happen was a shock of sorts for Anthony Pettis’ fans and a great show of force for Rafael Dos Anjos fans who have always been admired by the fire in his belly and his determination to improve. To be true Rafael Dos Anjos has been rather very consistent in working hard to ensure that he improves his fighting abilities on an almost daily basis. This enthusiasm to learn from his opponents and also from the UFC greats has seen him improve tremendously and today’s amazing performance is proof that he has come of age.

Rafael Dos Anjos vs Anthony Pettis full fight highlights show that it was Anjos and none else who actually dominated the fight from the word go. The UFC lightweight fight was held on Saturday at American Airlines Center in Dallas. To be true not many thought that UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis will be beaten by his challenger Rafael Dos Anjos. It is needless to say that Anthony Pettis has come to be known as one of the most exciting and dynamic offensive fighter in the UFC.Rafael Dos Anjos

There is no denying the fact that despite being one of the best fighters in his category, it was simply not his day and the fight that continued till the end of the fifth round was ultimately won by a better fighter today and it was Rafael Dos Anjos who emerged winner in today’s fight. As the fight began it was actually Pettis who started on an aggressive note. But many of his aggressive shots didn’t harm Dos Anjos even a bit. On the other hand the response from Dos Anjos was nothing short of devastating. After his initial volleys of kicks Dos Anjos walked Pettis down and landed huge punches by the cage. His kick that came very shortly was also devastating. He then threw a body punch and another body kick. Pettis lands a coupe nice punches but eats a few in response. Dos Anjos continues to attack the body with that kick.

Pettis’ fans must be feeling very disappointed by his performance by now. The second round began on an aggressive note from Dos Anjos who moved in and looked for a takedown. But he gets a massive hard body kick from Pettis. Pettis despite bleeding near the eyecomes with powerful punches from close range. Dos Anjos gets the takedown and over Pettis with punches from the top. Dos Anjos drops occasional elbows and keeps the pressure from the top.

Round 3 was really no different from the first two rounds. He faced more hits, kicks and takedowns from Anjos. This round too went to Dos Anjos as he fights and fights with aplomb. In the beginning of the fight he lands a crisp straight left hand early. Pettis lands a nice head kick but Dos Anjos walks right through and hits Pettis with a solid straight punch. Dos Anjos tries and gets another takedown late and while Pettis gets up Anjos pulls him back again. Mesmerizing performance.

It is needless to say that Dos Anjos has completely dominated over him. He lands some big punches on Pettis and walks him down against the cage. Dos Anjos looks for yet another takedown and slams Pettis down. Pettis simply has no answer. His firepower seems to have evaporated into thin air. Another round for Anjos.

If you believed in miracles, it was not going to happen today. Round 5 was same as the first four rounds. They trade low kicks and Dos Anjos moves in for another takedown. He gets it and Pettis has three and a half minutes left in his title run. Dos Anjos works his way into side control and completely overwhelm the champion who is mesmerized by his firepower.

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