Radar shows beautiful side of ‘Beast’ asteroid

Radar shows beautiful side of ‘Beast’ asteroid

Radar shows beautiful side of ‘Beast’ asteroid. They were so impressed with the look that they called it ‘the beast’.


The face of an asteroid that passed by our planet last weekend is at the centre of debate among astronomers. Even before it was to approach the earth, it was named “The Beast” due to its huge size. But now astronomers, who were able to lay their hands on the images of the asteroids that passed the earth thanks to the power of radar telescopes located far away, are in two doubts whether to call it “The Beast” or not.



Reports have surfaced that after looking at the rare images that could not have been possible a decade ago astronomers have actually fallen in love with the asteroids that appears too beautiful and not like a beast.
Asteroid The-Beast fly by earth


Describing the asteroids, data analyst at Arecibo Observatory Alessondra Springmann, said: “These radar observations show that the asteroid is a beauty, not a beast.” It is important to point out that it is also home to the 305-meter William E. Gordon Telescope that has been credited for capturing the historic moments.



Those who saw the images said that the asteroid appears to be elongated and with lobed shape it resembles a peanut. Following the capture of HQ124’s movement everybody is eager to have a first look.

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