Presidential elections 2016 latest update: Bernie Sanders stock going up and up

Presidential elections 2016 latest update: Bernie Sanders stock going up and up

Presidential elections 2016 latest update: Bernie Sanders stock going up and up

Bernie Sanders notched another massive win in Maine. After doing extremely well in the Super Saturday where he won two states compared to one that Hillary Clinton won, Vermont Senator managed another great win against Democratic frontrunner in Maine caucuses.

The important aspect of Bernie Sanders’ wins in Super Saturday states and then in yesterday’s Maine caucuses is the fact that he won by massive margins in the three states over the last two days.

There is no denying the fact that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has improved a lot. He has continued his strong performance in northeastern states Sunday with resounding victories over front-runner Hillary Clinton in local caucuses throughout Maine. According to results from the Maine Democratic Party, Sanders took nearly 64 percent of the state delegates with about 89 percent of caucus sites reporting by 9:15 p.m. Sunday.

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hillary clinton vs bernie sanders 2016Following his impressive performance, in a statement Sanders said, “I thank the people of Maine for their strong support…With another double-digit victory, we have now won by wide margins in states from New England to the Rocky Mountains and from the Midwest to the great plains. … The pundits might not like it but the people are making history.” After winning caucuses Saturday in Kansas and Nebraska, Sanders said the win in Maine adds to his campaign’s momentum as it prepares for a key test Tuesday in Michigan.

His win means that he is adding delegates counts far faster than anyone could have anticipated. In Maine as many as twenty-five delegates were up for grabs at the caucuses. They will be allocated proportionally based on turnout in the 1st and 2nd congressional districts and the state as a whole.

When it comes to Democrats’ enthusiasm in the caucuses, it beat estimates. Officials said that enthusiasm this year was even higher than the 2008 election when Obama was in the fray. Party leaders said more than 47,000 people participated in the caucuses. The line of people waiting to get into the Portland caucus at Deering High School stretched more than half a mile. Some people reported waiting more than three hours before being able to register and vote in that caucus.

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