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mar-31bNew Delhi: President Mrs. Pratibha Patil today decorated Dr D. S. Rana Chairman, Department of Nephrology, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi with Padam Shri Award for his exceptional and distinguished services in the field of medicines in the rural areas of Himachal Pradesh. He belongs to village Dasmal, district Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh.
He is one of the pioneers to establish nephrology and kidney transplantation services in India. 
His wife Anita Rana accompanied him to the grand ceremony. She told, “I am proud of him. He is gifted with superb clinical acumen and, he has been rendering service to the human-kind with great passion and compassion from heart and he does not need an award to perform better”.
On receiving the prestigious award, he mused, “This is very close to my heart. I am very happy. It is difficult to explain in words”, a thrilled Dr Rana expressed after receiving it.
“In my career of 29 years, I have received numerous awards but this one is close to my heart. I am really amused that the government has acknowledged my contribution in the field of medicines and to nation”, Dr D.S. Rana added.
Dr. Rana is deeply committed to his roots in Himachal Pradesh. With a profound sense of gratitude and love for the people at his native place, He formed “Parvati Education & Health Society” with the mission to provide quality healthcare and education at an affordable price at the doorstep of rural population. He has started 5-bedded charitable Parvati Hospital to support daycare medical services for the outdoor facilities which is also providing Physiotherapy and Occupational health services. 
Dr D.S.Rana told that the Society is constructing 60-bedded Parvati Hospital at village Dasmal in Hamirpur and has already acquired 3 acre land for infrastructure developmental and the constructing work is likely to be completed by the year 2010. He told that first phase of 30 bedded hospital will be made functional by the December 2009.
He said that Rotary Club International has already sanctioned two-bedded hemodialysis unit at this hospital.
Dr D.S. Rana Chairman, Parvati Education & Health Society told that it has set up a Medical Kiosk-cum-Telemedicine Center at Village Dasmal, Hamirpur, Himachal Pradesh. The Medical Kiosk is equipped with Ultrasound, X-ray facilities, ECG, laboratories and tele-medicine facility and is already operational since February 2007. Two medical officers and paramedical staff consisting of a nurse, lab technician, x-ray technician, tele-medicine operator have been posted at telemedicine project he added. The center is successfully providing healthcare in this far-flung rural and difficult hilly terrain. 
Doctor D.S. Rana told that The Society and Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi organized highly successful free medical camps in April 2007 & April 2008. During both camps more than 2000 people availed the services of qualified and experienced specialists from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. 
He told that society will set up school of nursing with provision of intake of 40 students per year and added that first batch of the nursing students will be admitted in the year. Dr. D. S. Rana told that society will set up dedicated Center for Holistic Medicine to promote yoga for healthy and disease free society. It will also encourage the use of alternative medicine in rational and evidence-based manners.
He told that the Society will set up Public School in the village to meet growing education demand so as to provide the best quality education for kids.
He told that society will also set up Laboratory Chain to provide medical testing facilities to the people at the doors and told that self employment avenues will be generated to raise the living standard of local populations. 
The Society has set up a library in the village by providing computers with internet connections which are being availed by the students of that area for learning, net surfing for searching and applying for suitable educational and employment opportunities. The Society has also got a small medical library for medical officers and para medical staff posted at the hospital. The society is conducting a survey of local population for knowing the pattern of diseases. 
The Chairman of the Society has contributed money to the Govt. of Himachal Pradesh for the construction of Govt. Middle School, Dimmin.
The Society is supporting Kanchal Mahila Mandal (NGO) and Village Panchayat to achieve the upliftment of the women folk and also facilitating the community services. 
The Society has already interacted with a few Industrialists, who have agreed to get some components manufactured at village level. For this, Society will provide the necessary technical training support to the needy persons interested in doing such jobs.
Recognizing the exceptional contribution of the son of the soil in the field of medicine, the Government of Himachal Pradesh honored him with “Inspiration Award” in 2008. The Indian Society of Nephrology conferred on him the “Fellowship of Indian Society of Nephrology.”


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  • Siddhanta

    This is ridiculous journalism. I am not talking about Dr. Rana being awarded. It is not Padam Shri but Padmashri (or Padma Shree). How can a journalist wrongly spell the highest civilian awards of the country????

  • Ram Vir Singh

    If you are Indian you must know Hindi and basic Hindi word is Padam पदम not पदमा PADMA. Well people also write it Padma, Traditionally Padam becomes Padma like सिद्धान्त Siddhant becomes सिद्धान्ता Siddhanta, Vir becomes VIRA, Shiv becomes SHIVA.
    are they English words? no…………in my opinion there is nothing wrong with Padam Shri

    Enjoy Man…..Rama Vira :-)

  • Nipun Rana

    I wish my father the best in his career and the path to love all and serve all.

  • Jitender Kumar Santoshi

    Sir, its a great pleasure for me that i have a part of biocon family and get a chance to meet with u. i m also from himachal and its good to see that the people like u who gives a huge advantage for the development for our own soil. its such a like dream comes true. my best wishes with u. we really proud of you.

  • Mohinder Singh Thakur

    Sir I Principal, GSSS Tikkar Khatrian,would like to extend my hearty congratulations for being awarded this prestigious indeed have made HP proud and more so Dasmal and its vicinity.
    I pray that you keep up the good work in the same spirit.
    All the best.

  • aarifkhan

    sar u r the best doctor in the world

  • Sandeep Thakur

    Its really thrilling. every time read this story i get to motivated and more focused…
    In ralation He is my uncle and immnese source of motivation ineed.

    Hats off..

  • amit chaubey S/o-Mr. M.S. Chaubey

    Dr. Rana is d best creation of God,who made or has saved my father,he is such a gr8 person and good human being. God bless him and his family. i will be very thankfull to him and his family and also this hospital,Sir Ganga Ram Hospital……