Pre-order HTC One for Rs 42,900 with FullHD display, UltraPixel 4MP sensor


    This is the best smartphone available in the market right now. You can pre-order HTC One in India for Rs 42,900 with FullHD display, UltraPixel with 4MP sensor

    Many moons after being showcased and months after its actual launch in Taiwan and other world markets, HTC One, the Taiwanese smartphone major’s flagship handset is set to sail to India beginning next week. The handset is already available for pre order and I am sure the response is going to be great.

    The handset comes with everything that is best and trend setter. Its metallic body is without doubt the best in its class and beats even iPhone 5 in beauty and design. Samsung’s bosses have been so much impressed with the beautiful design and sturdy body of HTC One that they have also decided to launch their top handsets in future in metallic body. The body itself creates a sort of enthusiasm in the eyes of the buyer that this handset is going to last for a long time. Smartphones these days come with such huge price tags that  a buyer should be sure that it is going to last for years and would not be broken if it falls from his hands.

    To be true there is huge difference between Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One when it comes to their build quality. A Cnet report while discussing this very same issue says, “Samsung seems a little jealous of the HTC One. That’s according to a source who’s told SamMobile the Korean company has seen its rival’s design and build quality, and is “worried” the Galaxy S4 doesn’t measure up…It’s the HTC One’s aluminium body that’s got Samsung green with envy, not its Sense 5 user interface. Samsung even produced an all-metal Galaxy S4 which was very popular within the company, the source says, but didn’t launch it to avoid any delays”.

    The latest flagship handset of the Taiwanese company boasts of a 4.7- inch display with 1920×1080 pixels of resolution at a density of 468 pixels per inch, which is equal to resolution you find on a 50- inch television set. The device is embedded with two large front- faced stereo speakers which emits sound that is louder and clearer than any laptop or tablet available. The device has built- in IR blaster that allows you to use your phone as a universal remote control for your TV or DVD player or home theatre etc. the phone also has a TV app that comes with a setup wizard which makes it easier to connect your phone to your TV, cable box and home theatre. The handset is very powerful and beats its competitors hands down. The HTC One runs on 1.7GHz, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon CPU, 2GB of RAM, an NFC chip, Bluetooth 4.0, and have LTE connectivity. The phone displays a Corning Gorilla Glass 2 which makes it more resistant to scratches and also durable.

    Its camera is without doubt the best in the class. HTC has used an incredibly innovative camera technology called the UltraPixel with a 4MP sensor in it. It has made great news, indeed, and tech market is quite frenzy to find the device coming out of cover. HTC has used the innovative UltraPixel technology for its flagship’s rear camera. It is really a new technology that makes sensible use of pixels and sensor so that quality images will be produced even if the camera has less megapixels (4MP). With UltraPixel, HTC has meant that pixels on its flagship’s sensor are larger. The device only has four megapixels (ultrapixels) than the other devices that have 1/3.2-inch sensors with eight megapixels on the surface. “Having less pixels per the same surface, HTC’s pixels are larger, thus, according to HTC, allowing for better light sensitivity,” says Pocket Now. A lot of similar factors work behind the new camera of HTC One. As per the Taiwan mobile vendor, its flagship will offer better images and pics that can even challenge the same from a quality 13MP camera. So HTC has come out with a winner as far as camera is concerned. The handset is available for pre-order on several online retailing companies for Rs 42,900.


    1. right, buy nokia 1280 for the place of HTC one, it has more function than HTC one and it is easy available in market. for more information contact me

    2. I love the Joke …. HTC phones are most innovative phones …. and this ONE is most aclimed phone of the year till date

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