Polls for 2016 presidential election: Who won the Republican debate last night, from derogatory to issue based

Polls for 2016 presidential election: Who won the Republican debate last night, from derogatory to issue based

Polls for 2016 presidential election: Who won the Republican debate last night, from derogatory to issue based

Things are becoming increasingly difficult for the three Republican presidential hopefuls who have been desperately trying to win delegates to remain in the contention for bagging the Republican nomination. Be it Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Ted Cruz, or for that matter Ohio Gov. John Kasich they all seem to be fighting a desperate war.

Whatever they do or they don’t do doesn’t help them in giving a blow to billionaire businessman Donald Trump a powerful enough blow that could halt his march to nomination.

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Despite some of his successes in recent weeks Senator Ted Cruz hasn’t been able to come up with an effective narrative to counter Donald Trump rhetoric. Trump’s arguments seem to be far more appealing to core Republican supporters than any of the other debate on fox news last night

The hallmark of the twelfth Republican debate was the fact that a completely different Trump was seen. A calmer, more civil Republican field of presidential candidates took the stage Thursday night for the CNN GOP debate from Miami, Florida. Despite the quieter approach, there were still plenty of barbs and digs taking place on the debate stage.

Donald Trump’s image is not dented no matter what he does or what he talks about. He famously said that even if he goes out and shoots someone, his supporters will still vote for him. While talking last night in the debate he said “I don’t want to be politically correct.”

And while Thursday night’s performance was missing the blustering bravado that has marked his previous performances, for the most part Trump was able to hold his own during the last debate before the key March 15 primaries in Florida and Ohio. Trump’s weakness has been his lack of details on his specific programs and that ham stringed him again Thursday night, especially in light of stronger performances by Cruz and Rubio. Will it hurt Trump? Probably not, but it could cost him some votes in the close race in Florida, a winner-take-all-state that is crucial to anyone wanting to pick up the GOP nomination.

On the other hand Ted Cruz did well in the debate. Though he couldn’t perform better than the rest he didn’t make any mistake. The Texas senator believes this will eventually come down to a battle between him and the frontrunner Donald Trump. He attacked but without the vitriol of previous encounters. And he didn’t even bother going after Rubio, which was perhaps wise given that the Florida senator was on home turf.

Cruz demanded policy details from Trump, not just sound bites. He ridiculed the idea of imposing import tariffs as part of any trade war with China, insisting that would be bad news for ordinary voters. “We’ve got to get beyond the rhetoric of China bad and actually get to how do you solve the problem”. Cruz is currently the only candidate who can actually block Trump’s path to the nomination, something the billionaire businessman was forced to acknowledge at the end of the debate. The Texas senator went after Trump like the Harvard-trained lawyer he is.

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