Polls for 2016 presidential election: John Kasich not to retire in favor of Ted Cruz, is he supporting Trump

Polls for 2016 presidential election: John Kasich not to retire in favor of Ted Cruz, is he supporting Trump

Polls for 2016 presidential election: John Kasich not to retire in favor of Ted Cruz, is he supporting Donald Trump

Many people were hoping that John Kasich can be persuaded by Republican leaders to give up his presidential bid and rally behind Ted Cruz. The Texas senator has emerged as the main rallying force for people who are not happy with Donald Trump, the current Republican front runner.

There are reasons to believe that Marco Rubio, the Florida Senator is preparing to make an announcement in this regard. Modalities are being formalized and people believe it will materialize in the next few days.

Many people were also hoping that Ohio Gov. John Kasich too will be persuaded to bring the anti-Donald trump forces to a single platform. But this doesn’t seem to be materializing as of now.

John KasichNo matter how you feel impressed by John Kasich, there is no point in believing he has the remotest chance of winning nomination. He has done worse than Marco Rubio and has no hope of beating Donald Trump.

Jonathan Bernstein while writing in a column in Bloomberg says “Serious presidential candidates normally leave the race when they no longer have a chance to win. This is an important part of how the nomination system functions. If losers drop out, then voters in subsequent states — voters who might not follow politics enough to know which candidates are serious contenders and which aren’t — won’t waste their voters on the also-rans”.

Now as Ohio Gov. is a no serious contender he should leave the campaign and concentrate on his state.

His campaign is also facing cash crunch as he is unable to raise enough funds. Kasich took in $3.4 million last month and spent even more than he collected. He started March with just $1.25 million in available cash. On the other hand Cruz plowed nearly $9 million into advertising last month and had built a staff of 88, a USA TODAY review of his filings shows. Kasich, by comparison, paid 45 people last month and spent roughly $950,000 on media buys.

Despite a clear path and no chance of winning the nomination he is refusing to step aside and support Trump. While appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press” program earlier today Kasich suggested to host Chuck Todd that rival Ted Cruz should drop out of the GOP race. “Maybe Ted ought to get out because he can’t win in the fall”.

He still seems to have hope of some turnaround. “Maybe these people that are hot on that ought to tell him to do it. You know, they tried to tell me to get out of the race how many times, Chuck…And now they should be thanking me for staying in because if Trump did win Ohio it would have been over…If you thought your candidacy were helping Donald Trump, not hurting him, would you get out. While asserting that he will remain in the nomination race till last, Kasich added, “Chuck, I’m running for president — this isn’t a parlor game of who gets this and who gets that…I was there in ’76 when Reagan challenged the sitting president…They didn’t like him doing it either, but you know, his vision and his message mattered.”

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