Gun control in America: How we got here, what’s way out

Gun control in America: How we got here, what’s way out

Gun control in America: How we got here, what’s way out

President Barack Obama’s gun control initiative seems to be getting support from the majority of Americans. Though there has been a demand on the control of sale and possession of firearms across the US, many people have been solidly against any ban or control on firearm possession.

Nonetheless things seem to be changing pretty fast. President Obama’s emotional outburst recently seems to have an impact on the thinking of many people across the world.

A latest poll conducted by the CNN/ORC suggests that as many as 67 percent people across the US want stricter control on the sale and possession of firearms in the country. The poll finds Obama’s approval rating for handling gun policy on the rise in the days following the announcement of the new rules Tuesday.barack-obama_44

Nonetheless there are many people who seem confused despite their agreement with President Obama on his handling of gun laws.

In the meantime around fifty percent people believe that these changes will be effective at reducing gun-related deaths, and most say they oppose the way Obama made these changes.

The survey claims that as many as 67% people support stricter gun control law while 32% oppose them. Support for the executive actions, designed to expand background checks to cover more gun purchases made online or at gun shows and to make it easier for the FBI to complete background checks efficiently, comes across party lines, with majorities of Democrats (85%), independents (65%) and Republicans (51%) in favor of them.

While many people don’t support stricter control for the sale of firearms they have supported a background check before selling the guns to buyers. By the way this is not a very new phenomenon. A Quinnipiac University poll in December found that 89% of Americans favored “a law requiring background checks on people buying guns at gun shows or online.” The changes announced by the President do not go that far, however, narrowing what has been called “the gun-show loophole” without closing it entirely.

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