Police fire in air to quell protesting labourers in Jamshedpur


    Jamshedpur (ANI): Police opened fire in the air to disperse Tata Steel labourers who were protesting against the alleged beating of one of their colleague by a security guard on Monday.

    Protesting labourers also set fire to several vehicles in the company premises here.

    They also prevented security forces when they tried to intervene to stop angry mob from torching vehicles.

    According to East Singhbhum Deputy Commissioner Ravindra Agarwal, the incident was sparked off when a company security person slapped one of the labourers after a verbal clash broke out between them over entering its premises.

    Angry labourers set fire to several vehicles parked inside the company premises and two police jeeps.

    Deputy Superintendent of Police, P N Ram  said dozens of motorcycles and bicycles and an equipment for registering attendance were also damaged during the incident.

    Four policemen were injured in the incident.

    The police then fired four rounds in the air to quell the mob.

    Deputy Commissioner Agarwal said the situation is under control.

    Meanwhile, Tata Steel officials said the incident had nothing to do with the company as the problem was an issue between a contractor and his labourers.(ANI)