Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show: A primer for those who missed it

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show: A primer for those who missed it

Beyoncé’s Super Bowl halftime show: A primer for those who missed it

Super Bowl Halftime Show was as exciting as it was expected to be or even more. It was full of fun and excitement.

Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars gave great time to fun starved fans of the game and made every second of the Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime show a memorable occasion that will be treasured by the fans across the US and beyond.

Coldplay, Beyonce and Bruno Mars Chris performed together and spun a magic that has very few parallels in the history of the super Bowl halftime show. In his inimitable style, Martin jumped around the rainbow, Holi-inspired stage as he belted out their hits and told the crowd: “Love you all wherever you are, we’re in this together”.

Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show imageIf that was not enough, the trio followed up with its 2011 song “Paradise” and “Adventure of a Lifetime”. Though many people have said that when it came to look, the show lacked much punch or panache visually, unlike Katy Perry’s garish extravaganza at last year’s Super Bowl, it was worth every penny.

Some people have criticized as to why Beyond was not a featured artist on the occasion. Maybe next year NFL will rope her in as the main artist. With the energy reaching ludicrous heights, the halftime show took a step back to the slow. Of course, he was ready to perform his hit song “Uptown Funk”.

As far as the online and social media reaction is concerned, it was Beyonce that many fans were most eagerly waiting to see. Mars and a dance ensemble, all dressed in shiny black, performed a verse and a chorus of the hit, with plenty of dancing thrown in, before handing off the show to Beyonce. – Okay, this is where we’re supposed to remember that this is Coldplay’s show.

On the other hand, for the finale, Coldplay took over again, performing “Up & Up” as images of Super Bowl halftime shows from the past, from Michael Jackson and Diana Ross to U2 and Bruce Springsteen – played on the stage screen. Seconds later, Beyoncé emerged with her new single “Formation” on the field itself, seemingly hundreds of backup dancers behind her recreating the whip-tight moves from the music video she dropped as a surprise yesterday.

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